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Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt

23rd February 2015

It has been a year since Riccardo Tisci unveiled the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear, a constructive collection inspired from his childhood love for basketball. An amalgamation series of both art and sports were translated into clothes for men, as distinct elements captured from the basketball game merged with the epochal 20th century design lines of Bauhaus movement.

The zip embellished wear offered by Givenchy has been infinitely reinvented since it was introduced by Tisci, this particular key feature has been categorized by the house as their metal craftsmanship trademark and has been incorporated not only limited to the footwear and accessories, but has eventually evolve into new codes in ready-to-wear collection. See the latest Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Footwear and Accessories Collection

In every Givenchy show season, Tisci is known to introduce specific key pieces and one of them from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear ‘shirt’ category is the Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt. Possessed with the primary basketball motif of the season, the shirt takes on a unique disposition formed by the distinguished silver basketball groove lines looping around its shape in traditional cotton wear. Its desirable characteristics sets the benchmark of class leading shirt making for the season.

The detailed centric Givenchy White Zip Embellished Basketball Shirt amounts an astounding weight, mainly due to its largely rendered metal craftsmanship zip trims that is embedded into the heavy woven cotton material which houses the complete construction. As the designer continues to innovate and create in its ongoing experimentation use of hefty metal craftsmanship materials reanimated across a wide range of men’s ready-to-wear, including a similar shirt version in less exuberant details, lapel trimmed blazer, mixed material printed sweater, nylon-leather jacket and waist-trimmed trousers to match – a perpetual journey that seeks excitement to its cult of fashion enthusiast. I have even made an additional purchase on the second generation Givenchy White Zip Trimmed Cotton Shirt from the current Pre-Spring 2015 season that has just gone through an extensive mid-life update, this fast selling-light weight essential style piece represents the old mantra “less is more”. Opt for the lower spec zip trims as it offers interchangeable flexibility from weekdays work wear to evening dressing at a far more realistic price.

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Balmain Fall Winter 2014 for SENSE Magazine Japan

26th November 2014

Japanese fashion publication SENSE Magazine has recently unveil it’s exclusive bi-annual editorial for Balmain Fall Winter 2014 menswear. The Japanese men magazine is highly recognized to curate the finest features of individual labels in trending fashion. The recent label dedicated editorial showcases a handful of prominent Balmain ready-to-wear from Olivier Rousteing’s current ‘Glamazon Boyz’ collection, a theme inspired from the beauty of Peter Hill Beard’s East African memories with a wild cocktail mixed of safari elements. Checkout the official Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook captured by Karim Sadli.

The editorial collection boost an eye-catching Balmain Camouflage Print Safari Jacket that is currently only available online at the Balmain webstore, this essential piece of African safari outwear dressed in camouflage print is one of the key items of the label’s Fall Winter 2014 seasonal collection. The distinctive safari camouflage jacket is paired with a tasteful dark Balmain Intrecciato Woven Denim Biker Jeans in waxed finish, a key reworked biker denim design that was offered in the earlier Balmain Spring Summer 2014 menswear. While finishing off the look with the all new Balmain Leopard Calf-Hair Skate Sneakers for a chic and playful look.

Other distinct pieces includes a frisky Balmain Leopard Calf-Hair Leather Varsity Jacket that resembles what celebrities would wear, a generous range of serious drop-crotch biker sweatpants and to my liking the Balmain Black Knit Sarouels, the good old Balmain 16cm Blue Dirty Denim Biker Jeans, and this season’s iconic Balmain Khaki Suede-Panelled Padded Down Jacket. It is unfortunate that the magazine did not feature the highly prized Balmain Khaki Camouflage Suede Racoon Fur-Trimmed Hooded Jacket instead, as the menswear label is often highly regarded with its fur-trim extravagance jackets during fall winter season. Browse through my ultimate Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Collection Wishlist – selling out fast!

It is interesting to observe how the French label brand has revolutionize throughout the years since the Christophe Decarnin era. From what was used to be Balmain biker and military skewed leather and denimwear has translated to a grace of fashion savvy street-style and sweatwear, Rousteing has definitely played well, though retaining most of Decarnin’s efforts that has formed the label’s crucial identity, Rousteing’s creative twist in utilizing former core elements with innovative design techniques has certainly diversified the brand’s offerings. Last season’s Sailors, this season’s Safari, and next season’s Sportsmen. Shop the new Balmain Spring Summer 2015 menswear now at Antonioli.


Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Menswear at Antonioli

20th November 2014

Antonioli has recently launched their new Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 and Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection for advance pre-order, shop yours here or continue reading the following. The first batch of 2015 collection is set to be delivered and dropped in stores by mid of February and April 2015.

After endless hours of work accommodating Antonioli’s tasteful range of Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear below, I have fallen deeply in love with this extravagance collection and realized the importance of Tisci’s concept revisiting his initial roots that recalled the very first catwalk endeavour.

There are two separate key series to distinguish the ambiguous Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection. The first two main key series are the ‘Black / White Floral Effects’, also known as gypsophila in details, most encrusted with scintillating pearl-studded contrast embroidery. However these are mainly for runway presentation purposes and most of the studded embroidered pieces will go into very limited production at an exclusive offering. Therefore the floral effects collection are primarily offered in print substitutes as available below from Antonioli.

The secondary key series that houses a much larger collection are the ‘Black / White Contrast Striped Panelled’ series, a rooted collection re-introduction from the starting point of Tisci’s career exploring the innovative use of basic geometry, will be his upcoming signature series over the distinct star coding. It is a swift change to a complete different path than the one he’s already taken, imagine no monumental prints – Rottweilers, Sharks, Madonnas and even the Bambis will be extinct from this collection onwards. The purpose is to focus in tailoring efforts and layered with an artistic sense of contrast monochromatic panelling at the highest geometry austerity, the concept conveys a mix of street style and sports influence reformation.

Take a second or third look at these simple wardrobe staples translated into graceful masterpieces, I will definitely try to grapple most of the runway pieces. The Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection certainly felt enough of a fresh start to spark speculation about possible future directions for the designer.



Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Collection — $801

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Buscemi 100mm Metallic Pack Sneakers

28th October 2014

The Hermès Birkin, Kelly inspired design lead generation sneakers are back with a reflective twist. Jon Buscemi, an american luxury footwear designer who launched his brand just over a year ago has tasted success in many forms. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s initial investment of $100,000 was used to build a website and manufacture 600 pairs of staple sneakers, which then sold out within days. In January 2014, it released an additional 4,000 pairs, and is currently being stock all over the world in many bricks and clicks retailers from LuisaViaRoma, Farfetch, Sneakerboy and even as far as Surrender in Singapore.

The new Buscemi Fall Winter 2014 collection celebrates a new level metallic pack collection for the holiday season by reiterating their flagship Buscemi 100mm Leather High-Top Sneakers. The metallic pack includes three exquisite colorway options, available from silver, rose gold and gold. What makes the Buscemi 100mm Metallic Pack Sneakers extra unique is the leather nature shine itself that exhibits an an audacious chromatic appearance.

These decadent sneakers features a full tonal colourway, with no color contrast differential seen throughout an entire pair. The midsoles has gone through a special heat treated process to reduce the effects of wear, and also further enhance its longevity. All models are equipped with the distinctive luggage tag tassel with hidden key to be used to unlock the front padlock hardware for ornate accessibility. The sneaker’s main feature halt is fully adjustable with hardware plated closure.

Priced from $1,245 each and almost sold out literally everywhere, the high-end luxury sneakers maybe an american designer brand. But products are completely handcrafted in quality detail from Civitanove, Italy – where Chanel and Golden Goose accessories are manufactured. Each sneaker are meticulously hand painted at edges and straps over a five day process. Get global access to these gorgeous sneakers and shop yours now at Farfetch!



Hermès Tie Break App – A Memorable Digital Experience

16th October 2014

Picking up the perfect tie has never been an easy task for men. With countless of options available at the market from a tasteful selection of neckwear classification, ranging from the the array of shades, colours, prints, materials, sizes and quality to choose from. It’s no surprise that most men find difficulty in seeking the perfect workwear accessory. French luxury designer Hermès has recently gotten creative by launching a well-rounded digital mobile application highly dedicated to ease its consumer decision process, called “Tie Break”.

The Hermès “Tie Break” application concept pioneered from the idea of showcasing the designer’s tie collection in a different way. Unlike most of the conventional fashion maison apps with generic showcases, its main purpose was to create an engaging application that brings out the best humour and comprehension from the tie collection. Ties are considered as a quintessential workwear accessory that defines an individual’s stylish character, with the new “Tie Break” app, the designer aims to assist puzzled men to uncover the perfect Hermès neckwear accessory. Watch in motion, Tie Break App – A random dose of Hermès.

When the “Tie Break” app is opened, users are simply greeted with a Hermès silk tie that draws the user to instigate an action by “pulling” in order to start, which reminds men dearly of the last step in mastering the tie knot. Once initiated, users will discover a tie pattern that has come to life. Users are further prompt to explore the leading “Take Another Break” interface, with random neckwear yet to be uncovered with something interesting, such as a short video, a game, a comic cartoon, or a short illustrated story. There are approximately 57 random variations that are updated throughout the time a user has regain access to the app once one has achieved to browse all the available breaks — surprisingly termed “Serial Breaker”!


G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook

12th October 2014

In mid September 2014, Givenchy launched a new diffusion line G Givenchy, exclusively distributed for the China market in Fall Winter 2014. The new line carries menswear only ready-to-wear and accessories. The contracted designer for G Givenchy is unknown, there are rumours that Riccardo Tisci, creative director for Givenchy was appointed to oversee the new line. Ayub Mohamed, the current managing director of the G Givenchy brand who is based in LVMH Hong Kong, is responsible in leading the aspects of brand development and management. The initial launch is focused on Greater China and its geographical ascendancy evaluated.

G Givenchy’s creation is promoted as a modern-classic variation for the everyday menswear. The focus of G Givenchy is not limited to the youthful spendthrift market, but also challenges the untapped consumers who are looking for a conservative approach but yet indulge in the brand, as opposed to the fashion-forward progressive main line, Givenchy. For the first campaign, the launched campaign and catalog lookbook was photographed by Aj Numan, models Jason Anthony and Aaron Gatward evoked the first G Givenchy attitude.

The new collection has a consistent style and colouring palette that is highly dedicated for the fall winter season, its core design emphasises in materials and detailing. For the new G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014, a touch of diamond patterns were roll out through the collection, focusing in an array of micro prints, embroidery, and embossed process on high quality materials. A few anticipated main line essence conveyed into the diffusion line, Bushido armour designed in diamond fragments is featured as the predominant print collection. Cross hybrid pieces including footwear were often reconstituted materials, such as the G Givenchy Merino Knit Zipped Teddy Varsity Leather Sleeve Jacket, G Givenchy Bushido Print Merino Knit Sleeve Sweater, G Givenchy Black Diamond Embossed Leather Panelled Merino Wool Sweater, and G Givenchy Pony Hair Snake Skin Sneakers, just to name a few.

Concluding at a quick glance of the all new G Givenchy, for those who were initially in love with the main line collection – Givenchy may not find that the new diffusion line is equally appealing. But a second closer look below might achieve some breakthrough in ones desirability. Some of the avant-garde styling in the collection were influenced from the main line, distinct characteristics from outerwear silhouettes like the G Givenchy Black Padded Down Varsity Bomber Jacket, G Givenchy Black Racoon Fur Hooded Parka and G Givenchy Padded Down Leather Hooded Jacket, has notably main line silhouettes which amass likeability,

The diffusion line has a certain touch of refined elegance uncharted from the zestful main line collection. One of my most favourable pieces in the collection includes the G Givenchy Shearling Collar Purple Suede Leather Zipped Jacket, and the similar G Givenchy Purple Teddy Varsity Wool Jacket. These are perpetual designer pieces to look out for and will seek relevance for many seasons to come. Learn more from the G Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Campaign.


紫红色全扣式长袖菱形印花衬衫 ,棉斜纹面料,带有品牌标志的后领玫瑰金色饰钉和隐藏弹性罗纹 – REF 41080.55.604
RMB 2,990 / USD 500

藏青色轻煮美利奴羊毛V领套头衫,带有菱形图案和品牌标志的玫瑰金色后领饰钉 – REF 51057.LV.410
RMB 4,590 / USD 770

基本款5口袋修身工装裤,水洗蓝色,带品牌标志玫瑰金色铆钉,玫瑰金色工字纽钉和 以及内侧带品牌标志的带子滚边 – REF 23043.D6.410
RMB 1,990 / USD 330

紫红色菱形印花购物袋,带鞣革装饰,玫瑰金色硬件,带有品牌标志的玫瑰金色饰钉和肩带 – REF 91017.04.604
RMB 6,990 / USD 1,170

紫红色低帮运动鞋,混合小牛皮、蛇皮、翻毛皮和小马皮 – REF 96057.06.604
RMB 3,990 / USD 670

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