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Givenchy Red Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Contrast Shirt

1st October 2014

In the previous review, we focused on the Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirt Pre-Fall 2014 in both white and black variants, and earlier looked into the Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt Pre-Spring 2014. Both of these designs showcases a prominent star-coding collar stay feature highlighting a touch of distinction among the saturated pool of luxury designers.

Gone were the days when quintessential crisp shirts came along, formalities and practicality went out of the window. For years, Givenchy has been making the ultimate production of menswear, and with its continuous experimentation with the standard cotton poplin shirt prove that creative use of intrinsic elements can be mesmeric too.

Amongst the most important complementary pieces in the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear, the Parisian designer’s latest Star-Print Metal Collar Shirt series harkened back from the earlier creations of Fall Winter 2013 – The Givenchy Red Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Contrast Shirt defined to be the ultimate trendsetter shirt of this season. First off impression, observation starts on the immense cervical-collar styling of the neatly symmetrical proportion shirt. Vogue from its distinguished monochromatic contrast collar and aesthetically pleasing red reflective chrome collar stay inserts with exposed matte finish star-coding detailing.

Even at a quick glance from a distance is just as impressive, the shirt is instinctively recognizable made from plenty of high quality materials and the way everything is laid at the collar edge area are sharply focused in design. The vanguard use of red and star-coding might be a key reminiscent characteristic of the 20th century communist uniform, but repetitive usage has distinguish itself as the French designer’s primary identity and thrives in modern societies acceptance.

The Givenchy Red Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Contrast Shirt is aimed for evening wear, or for those who are simply Givenchy fans and don’t want to settle for the basic Givenchy Star-Embroidered Patch Shirt, or the similar sibling Givenchy 17 Metal Applique Collar Shirt. Needless to say, with the creative expertise and wearable credentials, the Givenchy Red Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Contrast Shirt is the perfect all rounder. It looks good, feels premium to own, and you can wear it with confidence in diversified occasions. What’s more, for this kind of design it is actually quite well priced and by pairing it sensibly can achieve some remarkable results.

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Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirt

19th September 2014

Givenchy lead the way with revolutionary shirt designs that pushes the boundaries of modern classic men’s shirt. Introduced just over a year ago in Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear is the unique Givenchy Collar Stay Insert-Detail Cotton Shirt that features a pioneer reversed collar stay and an exposed detailed insert-tip that has never failed to draw admiration. Read Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014’s best Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt.

It is no surprise that the French designer keeps getting it right with every new variant and each new facelift introduced for every season. The new moderately revised Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirt from the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 Menswear collection offers a few varieties, and as usual there are both classic and seasonal designs to choose from.

As standard in each new variant comes with unique star-print metal collar stays – sometimes referred as collar bone, collar tabs, or collar stiffs/ stiffeners, are part of the prominent shirt accessory trademark. Givenchy innovated the conventional collar design by reversing the underside that has lead a range of design possibilities to play with, while retaining the traditional insert function to stabilize collar points.

In this season, I was privilege enough to have purchased two of the classic Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirts available in primary white or black cotton poplin, followed by a seasonal Pre-Fall 2014 Givenchy Red-Metal Collar Stay Black & White Shirt that will be analysed in another post. The classic series characterize itself with its colourless silver metal collar stay that adds a nice touch with an off-white matte finish star and stripe print, The collar stays weights and feels well-made as part of the added jewelry feature. Furthermore, the collar stay insert pockets has a superior detailed texture which creates a subtle distinct contrast in comparison to the smooth cotton poplin.

Evidently with it’s exclusive collar feature and impeccable workmanship, there are however some downsides to it. The fabric integrated for the Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirt is made from a new lightweight cotton poplin material, unlike the other Givenchy conventional shirts from the past seasons, such as its Givenchy Camouflage Stripe Star-Print Collar Stay Shirt sibling, the new lightweight cotton poplin is prone to wrinkles which makes it difficult to iron out even with when steam pressed, inadvertently leaving behind some unfortunate iron scorch marks.

It is difficult to avoid being notice when wearing the Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirt, the reflective star-print metal collar stays illuminates reflective light that device an evocative notion at observers. Although practicability in maintenance might not come in ease, the Givenchy Star-Print Metal Collar Stay Shirt offers great value with a fine touch of distinction and would be an ideal solution for those who are looking to increase their Givenchy wardrobe staples.

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Givenchy Rottweiler Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt

19th July 2014

Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt

Famous for it’s ultimate brand recognition, the fire-breathing monster that is the Givenchy Rottweiler has been lying dormant for a few seasons, but now it is back and available for the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection with a whole new attitude. Many thanks to Boombayeh from eBay, I am now a proud owner of this ever popular and highly demanded Givenchy t-shirt.

Not known for it’s subtle impact, the new Givenchy Rottweiler automatically commands attention with it’s aggressive features of a gigantic snarling dog which is normally a giveaway of something indignant lurking within the legendary impressionist print by creative director, Riccardo Tisci. At the back, there is the Givenchy signature perpendicular cross-stitch seams that cherishes back to the models of the old, giving the impression that this is as delirious as it was once before. See the first Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt through this blog.

The Givenchy Rottweiler is rough and ready, first offered in the Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 menswear and has already seen numerous series including a Givenchy Doberman edition that is still readily available at Luisa Via Roma since the start of the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 menswear collection. The powerful print encourages you to take full advantage of it’s fire-breathing nature and pairs well with matching black bottoms or even layering the looks to highlight a little of it’s key characteristics.

Being really fussy, the print is a bit vague which was never a complain in earlier versions, it seems that the head print has been fully blown-up from a JPEG compressed image and has left signs of pixelations, despite this, the mega command of attention delivered to onlookers makes one become acclimate quite quickly. Negative points that are not so easily to overlook include the price, it’s $250 to $300 more expensive than before and the similarly priced Givenchy Robot Striped Print T-Shirt now on sale offers a better well-rounded value. Then there is question of the repetition of wear, although the Givenchy Rottweiler has been known to be notoriously famous for holding it’s seasonal relevance “worn till death” in the fashion universe, it doesn’t exactly go with everything else in the wardrobe or makes your life easier, it requires thought. The rewarding experience of wearing it is quite substantial at the beginning, however after taking it out all day could be a bit tiring especially at the end of the season.

But if you really love your Rottweilers, you will love this one because it feels well connected with the Givenchy animal pedigree roots, it will not fail to make you smile when you wear it and it feels more grown up with it’s enormous oversized print that flows across the sleeves. Do take a look at it’s similar offerings available in the same print, there is a new Givenchy Black Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt earlier added in Farfetch, an earlier available Givenchy Grey Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt, a Givenchy Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt, and even a premium Givenchy Rottweiler Embroidered Wool Sweater. With so much diversification for style, it is made to cover all your daily needs. Find out where you can buy them below!

Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt

Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt

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Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Wishlist

11th June 2014
Layering in Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 is the primary cornerstone of style. Much like the antecedent Givenchy fall winter seasons, there is no surprise to see a shortfall of prints as the entire fall winter collection is predominantly focused on the art of layering. This season presents numerous geometric and silhouette references from the Bauhaus art momentum towards basketball inspired equipment and court lines heavily influenced not just from the sport itself, but the various cultural tribes that creative director Riccardo Tisci believes exist among the youth culture. Read more about the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection here.

The main design from this season derives from the basketball itself, there are speculations that the material print based design – the Givenchy Brown Basketball Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt is the iconic print of the season, and will take off as much like the Givenchy Gray Baseball Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt from Fall Winter 2013, predicts to share similar success in the marketplace. And if you’re a fanatic of this brand, why not team up the sweatshirt with the Givenchy Black Possom-Fur Hooded Cotton Canvas Puffer Jacket that could be transformed into a variety of styles as the sleeves and lower panel can be detached to be made into a casual sleeveless-jacket.

Evident basketball inspirations translated into footwear category includes the Givenchy Star-Detail Basketball Tyson Leather High-Top Sneaker, which features the orange-brown ball material replicated within the shoe itself, an explicit detailing that will draw remarkable attention including the stars appliqué velcro ankle straps. Tailored focus button down shirts with a touch of exquisite detailing includes the Givenchy Metal-Insert Collar-Detail Cotton Poplin Shirt that was extracted from Fall Winter 2013, now available in black-inserts. There is an extraordinary white cotton shirt that has been assembled through careful precision, zipped embellishments depicting the basketball’s grooves has influenced the creation of the frankenstein Givenchy Basketball Zipped Cotton Columbian-Fit Shirt. For those who would wish to live within the comfort zone can choose the Givenchy Multicolour Abstract Basketball Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt that has a graphic brush artwork inspired from the basketball sport movements, alternatively available in a Columbian-Fit T-Shirt in black.

While fall winter lies heavily focused on layering and the experimentation of special materials, the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection is currently feeding off it’s main graphic print — the Elmerinda and Rottweiler. Both prints were earlier introduced in Spring Summer 2009 and Pre-Fall 2011 has been remade into fame! So much so that the Givenchy Elmerinda Tattoo Gotika Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt has been sold out within a few days of availability at Luisa Via Roma, and now has been replenished with a Columbian-Fit cut. The Elmerinda is one very special print that features many undisclosed characteristics expressed by the creative designer himself, the name ‘Elmerinda’ was given by Riccardo Tisci’s mother’s first name. The tattoo script feature across the collar-bone in Spanish phrase “El Dolor Pasa La Dignidad Perdura” translates to “Pain Passes, but Dignity Lasts,” or “Pain is fleeting, while dignity endures.” there is something along those lines that is little known.

Luisa Via Roma $6,410 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,120 – BUY IT NOW

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Luisa Via Roma $2,785 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,735 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $795 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,745 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $570 – BUY IT NOW

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Luisa Via Roma $2,435 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,055 – BUY IT NOW

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Luisa Via Roma $2,090 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $6,330 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $815 – BUY IT NOW

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Luisa Via Roma $1,050 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,025 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $895 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $875 – BUY IT NOW


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Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 Menswear at BOOMBAYEH – Free Express Shipping!

2nd June 2014
Just when you thought Spring Summer 2014 sales has just begun, the next Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection is already available in stock and ready to buy. This time, Netherlands eBay PowerSeller that who specialises in leading designer luxuries — BOOMBAYEH stays ahead of the competition by offering the best out of this season’s latest.

To begin with, there was the unexpected release of the antecedent Givenchy Rottweiler photography print, first spotted in the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 menswear collection and has now been augmented to subject a higher visual impact. There are a few variants of the Rottweiler print, ranging from the vector effect on the Givenchy Black Rottweiler Print Cuban-Fit Sweater towards the contemporary photograph print available in Gray and Black.

My top preference for this season will be the Givenchy Gray Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt as it has a nice contrast that distinguishes the print from the lighter background and exhibits an eye catching engagement. However if you prefer it to be less pretentious, there is the black version that lessens the colour distinctions and synergizes the overall print. Besides the Rottweiler, my secondary choice would be the Givenchy Elmerinda Skull Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt, it was earlier known to be the successor print of this season and is highly sought after much like the Rottweiler. The current variant available at BOOMBAYEH features a enlarge tattoo print with sleeve inscriptions when compared to the original Spring Summer 2009 edition.

Limited sizes available — “Early bird get’s the right size”, exclusive for email order for now. Inquire directly to or you can reach him via Whatsapp at +316 2655 2470. Prices quoted below in USD, seller is flexible in trading with Euros which includes FedEx International Priority shipping, tracking and signature services. I’ve received my Givenchy Multi-Print Panelled Cuban-Fit Sweatshirt from BOOMBAYEH within three working days, the shopping process is satisfaction guaranteed!








BOOMBAYEH — $1,000

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Order at Antonioli

21st May 2014
Even if the idea of Fall Winter 2014 transition has not hit us in real-time, the sensation of Givenchy is heading into the future with incredible momentum transformation in style direction that will be sure to set the standard of reform. This week alone, Antonioli and a few global retailers has introduced their Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection ready for pre-order, congregated among the pool of interesting leading designers includes our prized BalmainGivenchyGiuseppe ZanottiHood by AirMarcelo BurlonRick OwensValentino and much more.
It just takes a quick glance to see the current Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear runway looks that have a wealth of dynamic inspiration from the deepest roots of Riccardo Tisci’s biggest childhood memories leading towards basketball court lines infused with a Bauhaus art movement twist. Read more about the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Basketball Bauhaus story here.

Despite concerns to stay on a defensive strategy and playing it safe, Tisci takes on the forceful headwinds of style with a creative innovation by integrating core themes and designs initiated in the earlier years. Remodelled to fit the future Pre-Fall 2014 and Fall Winter 2014 lifestyle incorporates the artistic mix of the Givenchy Elmerinda SS09Givenchy Keffieh SS10, Givenchy Madonna SS13 and Givenchy Doberman PF13 inspired abstract brushstroke prints. The new Givenchy menswear is taking a unique position changing in both style and demographic by introducing stronger sportswear influence towards it’s unique key signatures. The new regime has a definite hint of athletics masculinity and street nobility, despite the overwhelming oversize trousers introduced within the runway collection.

The forward design aesthetic has even enveloped the return of the picturesque Rottweiler, faced from the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 collection addressing the commercial market needs. This pragmatic version will be available in a Givenchy Rottweiler Columbian-Fit T-Shirt, Givenchy Rottweiler Embroidered Sweatshirt, Givenchy Rottweiler Star-Detail Skate Slip-On Sneaker, Givenchy Rottweiler Star-Detail Print Backpack and perhaps even a clutch collection that has a significant sophistication when compared towards it’s predecessor by increasing the print scale, therefore increasing it’s impact presence. The Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 and Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 collections were filled with intricate details housing a diversity twice it’s collection, setting an array of preferences to be suitable for most urban occasions.

The variance of Givenchy shows tremendous potential as a forward-thinker. A new foundation of increasingly textiles enhancements and handsome menswear addressing the resurgence of the future style. Secure your future wardrobe collection with Antonioli, start shopping with the below selections through careful evaluations.

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $634

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $571

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $844

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $893

Click here to see much more Givenchy pre-order selection!

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $521

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $651

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $1,053

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $797

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $1,166

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $1,279

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $2,025

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $1,053

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $809

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $731

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $2,188

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $2,426

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $1,861

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $571

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $1,123

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $955

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $788

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $1,228

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $1,228

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 — $1,228

Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 — $638


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