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Antonioli Launches Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 & Fall Winter 2015

11th May 2015


Time flies when you’re busy exploring shedloads of designer wear, and by the time you are still expecting for the latest arrivals from Spring Summer 2015 collection the new transition period has already begun. Fall Winter 2015 is approaching upon us, and yet Spring Summer 2015 sales season is just weeks away in May. This week mark’s Milan based luxury retailer – Antonioli to launch its latest Pre-Fall 2015 and Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection, a vast resurgence of new arrivals currently available for advance pre-order after overcoming Givenchy Spring Summer 2015’s demand which lead to an instant sellout in a matter of weeks since the beginning of the season.

It is customary for Givenchy in every pre-collection to reproduce visual aesthetics from former collections, but the new Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 menswear collection not only begins from the past, it integrates experimental elements extended from the house codes. In this season, pixel-blocking properties dress across predominant designs that have taken inspiration from a digital manipulation software. The Givenchy Black Madonna Digital Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt sets a prime example, utilizing the base print work reinitiated from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 menswear collection while incorporating pixelated accents and what seems to be the crop tool housing strategically position on the right side of the print.

The pixelated digital coding was not only confined to a visual experiment but also continued through one of the main Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 print series. Set in a khaki military colourway, the Givenchy Black Stars & Digital Pinball Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt features a two dimensional symmetrical assembly built from an array of geometric lines that shapes a military radar detector system with an additional camouflage touch represented in a pixelated digital pattern. On the other hand, a conspicuous Givenchy Black Fire Abstract Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt seems to have transpired from an IR infrared heat signature imaging, the nature of digitalism played a significant role in this season’s pre-collection series.

While the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 menswear lookbook featured the ‘Love’ typography print offered in a torn-off or technicolor degraded print series has prevailed through a complete selection of outwear to choose from. Finding desire to own these pieces may be a challenge due to the weak aspirational visual aesthetics portrayed in this particular series, however there are some other highly noteworthy pieces enveloped from through the classic collection. One of the few treasured pieces in the current collection is the Givenchy Black Stars & Stripes Print Mohair-Blend Sweater, it is uniquely composed from a mixture of five different materials, rendering a distinct texture on the contrast white and red striped waistline. Another interesting selection is the Givenchy Black Crystal Studded Swiss Leather Sandals, this pair of quality spring footwear mainly features Swarovski jewels and metal studded embellishments, making it eye-catching from a distance and looks wise is nonetheless extravagant. Other enticing accessories include the Givenchy Gold Codification series available in a textured leather backpack and zipper pouch to match that are new and exclusive codes to this season.

Heading to Fall Winter 2015, just by having a closer look at Antonoli’s latest Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection, the devils in the details felt incredibly realistic, the collection revealed the little but yet important detailing unseen from the vast showcase and dark runway setting. One could grasp the concept by Riccardo Tisci’s intend to turn formal streetwear with a devilish affair, the dynamic inspiration converted Givenchy’s standard ready-to-wear basics into a discerning experiment. The more subtly collection is dominated by the worn out effect ‘Native American’ or otherwise presumed ‘Persian’ gauged carpet print, primarily available with an alternative black gradient approach.

This season’s prominent style direction assembles severely worn out attributes as though a ferocious animal has ripped across the fabrics, a key feature administered in less distinct designs offered in a creative approach. Cotton shirts are elongated this season with unfinished seams protruding across edge – termed “Raw-Cut”, such as the Givenchy Black & Red Raw-Cut Contour Columbian-Fit Long Shirt outlined the perfect classic representation of a devil’s outfit. A Givenchy Black Destroyed Native-American Carpet Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt addresses random distressed throughout that unveils tiny hidden patches of print details that gave off an unexpected creative notion, while while oversized generic label branded Givenchy Black ‘Givenchy Paris’ Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt also available in a T-Shirt variant were intensively destroyed till a point it questions the irony coming from a luxury designer. These unique aesthetics will definitely challenge consumer’s acceptance and appreciation, particularly towards these pieces.

In most respects, the latest Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection is every bit unlike its other testament collections. It offers a rather uncivilized dressing experienced, whether the pieces you choose originated from sharply cut blazer and coats, or cult classic streetwear t-shirts and sweats, as deteriorated and damaged fabric features are present in every piece. First impressions is not exactly an understatement, but for those who thrills in acceptance to explore the new collection will have to reach deep pockets in order to discover a meaningful trade off between luxury and inferior aspiration. Secure your Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 and Fall Winter 2015 wardrobe collection with Antonioli, start shopping the current complete selections while stocks last.


Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear


Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 Menswear

12th January 2015

The forthcoming Paris Menswear Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015 is due a few weeks away, while Givenchy has recently released its latest lookbook for Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 in this month. Much like the previous Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook, the new collection consist a combination highlight of both menswear and womenswear, in contrasted to the antecedent gender-specific Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 menswear. For this upcoming Pre-Fall 2015 season, Riccardo Tisci showcases a close-fitted 10 menswear looks along with 26 womenswear, although the womenswear seems much more formidable.

The dramatic new direction of the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 menswear collection is conceivably more upscale and distinctively lighter in range as compared to the previous pre-collection found in 2013 and 2014 that are predominantly inspired from streetwear culture. Despite this, there is no form of surprise to view such sudden transition, as the earlier Pre-Fall 2014 seeks similar relevance with the current Pre-Fall 2015 – the main principle is to subordinate print orientation through tailored focus formalwear. From monochromatic outwear topcoats, rain macs, wool-knit sweaters, and suiting options sported with continuation use of high-contrast band panelled detailing discovered from the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear pretty much sums up the current collection. The entire menswear collection features a leaner layering approach for a broader reach of wearability, a line-up of wardrobe essentials restyled through Tisci’s interpretation.

Materials wise exercised over the collection includes luxurious suede, wool, and generous black leather which played an evident role in characterizing each individual pieces. Contrast coloured patches are noticeably the new form of feature spotted on wool outwears, accompanied by double flap pocket styles distinct towards formal long coats and suits. While washed denims styles with biker ribbed panelling dressed contrast wool sleeves and imminent biker jeans flourish casualwear assortments. Completing every quintessential look with a pair of classic pointed chelsea boots or high-shine lace-ups. Checkout this season’s Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Collection Wishlist.

High praises were mentioned on the new Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 menswear collection and all-around impressing noticeable significance, while others condemn the degradation on its latest offerings and question their faithful loyalty. Perhaps this is not a collection worthy for the die-hard consumers who were eagerly looking forward for a ground-breaking print motif, after all it has been long overdue. The only print motifs channelling from the menswear lookbook are the arbitrary ripped paper texture and grimy print effects found on the beige coats and sweater, divulging a short distinct footnote – ‘LO’ or ‘LLO’, a concept what seems to be a similarly adaption from Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby collaboration collage series in Fall Winter 2014.

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