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Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 Menswear at BOOMBAYEH – Free Shipping Worldwide!

24th July 2015

Buying Givenchy menswear these days has never been more accessible compared to the past few years, but I know the fact that some of us would rather prefer to purchase from a private seller or a small retailer who is able to offer a competitive edge, not only based on pricing wise but flexibility in services and most importantly reliability.

When it comes to private sellers, Boombayeh is the only online retailer that I can trust and rely on. I’ve been purchasing from Boombayeh ever since Givenchy Pre-Spring 2013 Menswear and every purchase has always been a seamless experience. If you checkout the goods today, you will be more than likely to receive it within 3 working days worldwide, this kind of delivery process is lightning fast similar to those offered by Luisa Via Roma and MR PORTER.

It is not uncommon to see that the designer has decided to reproduce popular editions during pre-collections. For Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Menswear, there are a few key pieces worth considering despite the continuous resurrection. Any Givenchy fanatics would know that the Givenchy Rottweiler has been the staple print ever since Fall Winter 2011, and for those had missed out earlier or new to the brand stands a second chance to purchase the large Givenchy Black Rottweiler Cuban-Fit T-Shirt which has been the cornerstone for every pre-collection since Pre-Fall 2014. While this may set disappointment amongst enthusiast, there is a new Givenchy Black Rottweiler Embroidered Cuban-Fit T-Shirt which is unique to this season, it features an extensively detailed embroidery work based on the earlier Rottweiler print from Pre-Fall 2012. I have personally seen this piece at Givenchy Paragon, Singapore and truly adore the nature of the craftsmanship. If you are a collector like me I think it would be worth acquiring one, after all these are “essential” pieces with an extra edge.

Other key pieces that I would buy includes the Givenchy Red Star Neckline Polo Shirt or a black variant without losing the same contrast and if you would prefer it more subtle to the eye. But considering that the polo shirt is not quite my style, I have decided to obtain the iconic Givenchy Black Star Monkey Print Cuban-Fit Shirt from Boombayeh instead. The purchase was made through a request order which he was able to get it for me even though it hasn’t been listed in the online store yet. It has always been a great pleasure dealing with him, and i’m really looking forward to buy more in the near future. Boombayeh is also retails Balmain, Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Valentino and much more leading luxury labels besides Givenchy.

Some sizes and styles may not be featured below or in the eBay store, however do enquire directly via email to, otherwise you may reach him directly via Whatsapp at +316 2655 2470. Prices are quoted in USD, seller is flexible in trading with Euros. All listed price includes complimentary FedEx International Priority shipping, tracking and signature services. Shop yours now at!

Givenchy-Black-Rottweiler Embroidery-Cuban-Fit-T-Shirt-Pre-Fall-2015-15F7217651

Givenchy-Black-Rottweiler Print-Cuban-Fit-T-Shirt-Pre-Fall-2015-15F7311651


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Givenchy Rottweiler Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt

19th July 2014

Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt

Famous for it’s ultimate brand recognition, the fire-breathing monster that is the Givenchy Rottweiler has been lying dormant for a few seasons, but now it is back and available for the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection with a whole new attitude. Many thanks to Boombayeh from eBay, I am now a proud owner of this ever popular and highly demanded Givenchy t-shirt.

Not known for it’s subtle impact, the new Givenchy Rottweiler automatically commands attention with it’s aggressive features of a gigantic snarling dog which is normally a giveaway of something indignant lurking within the legendary impressionist print by creative director, Riccardo Tisci. At the back, there is the Givenchy signature perpendicular cross-stitch seams that cherishes back to the models of the old, giving the impression that this is as delirious as it was once before. See the first Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt through this blog.

The Givenchy Rottweiler is rough and ready, first offered in the Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 menswear and has already seen numerous series including a Givenchy Doberman edition that is still readily available at Luisa Via Roma since the start of the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 menswear collection. The powerful print encourages you to take full advantage of it’s fire-breathing nature and pairs well with matching black bottoms or even layering the looks to highlight a little of it’s key characteristics.

Being really fussy, the print is a bit vague which was never a complain in earlier versions, it seems that the head print has been fully blown-up from a JPEG compressed image and has left signs of pixelations, despite this, the mega command of attention delivered to onlookers makes one become acclimate quite quickly. Negative points that are not so easily to overlook include the price, it’s $250 to $300 more expensive than before and the similarly priced Givenchy Robot Striped Print T-Shirt now on sale offers a better well-rounded value. Then there is question of the repetition of wear, although the Givenchy Rottweiler has been known to be notoriously famous for holding it’s seasonal relevance “worn till death” in the fashion universe, it doesn’t exactly go with everything else in the wardrobe or makes your life easier, it requires thought. The rewarding experience of wearing it is quite substantial at the beginning, however after taking it out all day could be a bit tiring especially at the end of the season.

But if you really love your Rottweilers, you will love this one because it feels well connected with the Givenchy animal pedigree roots, it will not fail to make you smile when you wear it and it feels more grown up with it’s enormous oversized print that flows across the sleeves. Do take a look at it’s similar offerings available in the same print, there is a new Givenchy Black Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt earlier added in Farfetch, an earlier available Givenchy Grey Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt, a Givenchy Rottweiler Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt, and even a premium Givenchy Rottweiler Embroidered Wool Sweater. With so much diversification for style, it is made to cover all your daily needs. Find out where you can buy them below!

Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt

Givenchy Rottweiler Print T-Shirt

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Welcome To My Life

18th February 2014
It has been a challenging year in 2013, i’ve accepted a new job in the city and full-time work with blog doesn’t really mix well, much like blending champagne with alcoholic rum for lunch time. As work life has progressed and taken most of my optimum energy — time to me is very previous and I would seize every opportunity to keep this blog up to date.

I’ve decided to make it a little more interesting than ever by taking it to the next level. All a while it has been commercially driven by product reviews and recommendations, runway shows, backstage photographs, advance sneak peeks, buyer event’s, size guide, rare items blog about and etceteras — specialising in the brands that I still love most today, mainly Balmain and Givenchy, blogging with the most passion and love to fill in the missing contents on the net.

But for this year, i’ve thought about a new strategy unlike anything before. It needed much more than a long detailed review and a partially cropped face lookbook — some of you might like to call it ‘Personality’. All those expensive shopping without the frequent chance of expressing my true identity is a wasted opportunity that could contribute extra value to achieve greater work than ever. Therefore after a long thought, I have decided it is the time to expose my lifestyle in hope to create new inspiration one step at a time.

It’s me wearing my favorite Givenchy Rottweiler-Tartan Print Shirt with Givenchy Brown Oversize Wool Shorts and new Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals! Pre-order or shop similar styles at Givenchy, Luisa Via Roma

Click to see much more of style photos!

‘Do remember that you only see what I choose to show you!’ – M


Givenchy Bambi Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt

6th January 2014

The Bambi Overview

The Givenchy Bambi print was originally designed for Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 Womenswear. It’s first inception was presented at the Fall Winter 2013 Paris Fashion Week during the beginning of March 2012. During the pre-launch period, there were numerous speculations in the fashion world that the new Bambi print is bound to be crown the successor of the late iconic Givenchy Rottweiler from the Fall Winter 2011 Menswear. Read much more details below about the Givenchy Bambi Print T-Shirt after my OOTD photos!

It’s me wearing my new Givenchy Bambi Print Cuban-Fit Cotton T-Shirt! Basic Topman Black Cotton Shorts and all-time favorite Burberry Prorsum Gladiator High-Top Sandals from the Spring Summer 2011 collection! More advance previews through my Instagram as always, follow me @secondkulture!

Givenchy Bambi

The Meaning Behind Givenchy’s Bambi

The Bambi print is much more than a half-cut deer from a 1942 Walt Disney film. It is a meaningful print that could be interpreted in many stories. The first observation shows a Bambi, a cartoon character that has characteristics of being curious, naïve, shy, brave, docile, innocent, gentle, childlike, noble, tough, handsome – most of these characteristics are personal experiences throughout one’s childhood, a preconscious from our deepest memories. While an adolescence grows up to become an adult, they have secretly kept these preconscious memories within themselves to avoid immaturity judgements by others while developing unconscious thoughts. These self-taught or early influenced secrets can be define as ‘skeletons in a closet’, hence the wooden closet illustrated on behalf of the Bambi print. The dark wooden closet houses the darkest thoughts of one’s unconscious, such as fear, unacceptable sexual desires, immoral urges, selfish needs, shameful experiences, irrational wishes and violet motives – that defines the distorted naked woman print framed in the wooden foreground.

Therefore the Bambi print concludes an everyday human life that has travelled from childhood towards adulthood with these personalities, experiences that has built their character. A normal personal that wears an acceptable face of being innocent and shy ‘The Bambi’ while retaining one’s darkest secrets and thoughts in life ‘The Naked Woman’. The Bambi is also highly inspired to reflect Riccardo Tisci’s life experience about his childhood and what he has been through. Watch the below video at the end of this post by Vogue Voices about creative director, Riccardo Tisci life’s inspiration at Givenchy.

Givenchy Bambi

Givenchy Bambi

Givenchy Bambi

Click here to see much more photos and read much more!!!

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Buyers Beware: How to Spot a Fake Givenchy Rottweiler

4th October 2012

This is the moment most of you have been waiting for, I had receive many request recently to unfold a story of the famous Givenchy Rottweiler T-Shirt authenticity check, designed by Riccardo Tisci for Fall Winter 2011 collection.

How to spot a fake Givenchy Rottweilier

How to spot a fake Givenchy Rottweilier

Source:, Riccardo Tisci himself wearing the Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt during Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 menswear fashion week.

How to spot a fake Givenchy Rottweilier

Recently a friend of mine, Don, told me that he really wanted the Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt, Don is just like many of us but he wasn’t willing to pay premium price and even if he wanted it is currently impossible to purchase an authentic new piece today. This t-shirt has stopped production for more than a year ago and it is immensely popular as you all know that many celebrities have enjoyed wearing it. The Givenchy Rottweiler Head t-shirt used to be the most hyped t-shirt in 2011 until today the hype has yet to settle on the laggards consumers. The Rottweiler print has made Givenchy a wealthy house since Fall Winter 2011 sales, currently in 2012 Givenchy has four seasonal collections in menswear compared to last year, there was only two seasons.

I was really lucky to get hold of one in late 2011. At first I was very hesitant of the fierce print, I thought it was not suitable for my lifestyle since I used to play preppy looks between 2010 and 2011. But after seeing a friend of mine being photographed at a club next to a guy who wore it, it suddenly changed my mind and I was convinced that it was a must have despite a price of A$275 for a t-shirt. Never have I paid so much for a printed t-shirt in my life back then.

Looking back at what I had did, I felt I made the right decision to take up probably the last size M – regular fit Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt from a local luxury men’s departmental store, Harrolds. During the near end of 2011, eBay was flooded with authentic Rottweiler t-shirts catching a resell value between $350-550. These days what I can see is a bunch of imitation Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt floating everywhere in eBay on auction, and people fall for it despite the misrepresentation that it is an imitation copy.

SSENSE – Givenchy Rottweiler Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt. Short sleeve crewneck t-shirt in black. Rottweiler print at front. Ribbed neckline. Tone on tone stitching. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold. Made in Portugal.

How to spot a fake Givenchy Rottweilier

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Some Rare Runway Shoes on eBay For Now

9th August 2012
Prada Spring Summer 2011 Runway Oxford Espadrilles Creeper Shoes
(circa. Fall Winter 2010)

This is as rare as you can get on eBay, brand new with original box. This pair of Prada runway shoes were only made as an early prototype before the main production of the commercial version during Spring Summer 2011. There is significant difference between the runway and commercial version, in terms of height, width and design. This particular oxford style is impossible to be found in any Prada stores for now. Prada still manufactures the brogue version with the same height as the runway shoes, however, the width is not the same, so as the runway version which has a Prada Sport sole. They sort of improvise the height and design base on the feedback from Spring Summer 2011 commercial version, the current available version in store which are price at $1190 AUD, but has a thinner width compared to the runway and commercial version from Fall Winter 2010, Spring Summer 2011.

My Prada Spring Summer 2011 Runway Oxford and Brogues Espadrilles Creepers. I was lucky enough to buy one from Rakuten Japan last year, so as the right pair Brogues from a Prada manager who was kind enough to sell them to me (read more).
Prada Spring Summer 2012 Bejewel Tricolour Golf Shoes

Another fine example from Prada, i’m afraid to say that this eBay deal is so good that I was about to purchase them last night, without informing you guys about it of course, hahaha. But after careful consideration, I won’t be touching it even at this price. Don’t get me wrong, I love them a lot, but then again I can’t seem to accept the Golf soles, they are impractical for tarmac and would make lots of sound to attract even more attention. Even if I bought them, it wouldn’t be the right time for me to wear, as fashion here is quite conservative in Melbourne. If I live in Tokyo, I would definitely get these and wear them out for good, it depends which lifestyle you want to live to wear such shoes. I admit, I am not brave enough to wear these out.
Take note, that this shoe size runs slightly bigger. I am a size 43-43.5 but I could fit in Prada size 8-8.5, 42-42.5. So this particular pair on eBay would be around 45-45.5 if not mistaken. They are very comfortable, I doubt anyone would regret buying them.

Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler Thigh High Boots

Not every men gets to experience wearing thigh high boots in their life. This was a brave step by Riccardo Tisci during Fall Winter 2011, you would be surprise there is actually demand out there for these extreme eccentric boots. The last time I saw one which went on sale was from Koji Wang, some guy who works for the fashion industry in Lane Crawford who sold me a Prada Spring Summer 2011 Multi-colour Stripe Sweater, as seen on my profile picture there >>>. Koji had the exact size as the one currently on eBay, in a size 41 as well, but he sold it on bid in used condition for only $1059.99. The current one on eBay is also on bid, but for $2700 instead in brand new condition. Not to mention, someone has already place a bid on it. So for whoever out there who always wanted this pair of thigh high boots from Givenchy, this could be your last chance forever to buy one brand new. It would definitely be worth a collector’s item even if you don’t wear them. I could imagine it being in a museum some day.
Source: Riccardi Boston, eBay Australia,, Youtube Channel – Andrew Mukamal
Sean Godard discusses how he manage to get hold a pair of Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler Thigh High Boots with Andrew Mukamal. They are both wearing Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise collection.

Me wearing the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise Shirt – Follow me on Instagram for more photos (user: mauricelwx)

My Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler Checkered Shirt + Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise Shirt.