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The Balmain Silver Biker Stretch Denim Jeans

12th February 2013
Source: RESTIR – Balmain Silver Biker Stretch Jeans, Spring Summer 2011
After contemplating for almost more than a year, I finally got my hands on this extremely rare Balmain Silver Biker Stretch Jeans. It took me quite a while to consider whether I should get them. I had many thoughts that it might be too extravagant for my lifestyle, so far the only people that I could find who wear these are only celebrities.
This is a very unique pair of jeans unlike anything you can shop for, what made me decide to buy them is it’s rarity, my never ending love for Balmain Biker Jeans, Christophe Decarnin’s final collection, silver and because it’s Made in Italy unlike today’s Balmain denim that are mass manufactured in Japan. Secretly deep down inside me I always liked this pair of silver biker jeans, but somehow I had a bad feeling that society could not accept such a conspicuous colour. Anyway, now that I am much more receptive towards fashion as it is part of my lifestyle, there is no further need to consider.
I had three chances to buy this pair of Balmain Silver Biker Jeans. The first time I saw it was in store at Harrolds, Collins Street Melbourne during Fall Winter 2011. There was only one left in a size 31, and it was from the previous season Balmain Spring Summer 2011. It was very tempting to try them, although they were not my size. The second time was on eBay, a German power seller was selling it in a size 31 and 33. And the third time was from my favorite Japanese store – Rinkan, in a size 29. Looking at the size 29 measurements, I studied that it fits a size 30 which is my size.
Source: Katy Perry – “E.T.” (feat. Kanye West) 
After a few months, the forth opportunity came. It was a size 29, it took me a week to consider whether I should get them or not and the consequences of not taking this opportunity might haunt me later. Then again I seriously regretted not taking the first opportunity to try them in person, just to see how I look. Till the day before I receive them from mail I had thoughts playing in my mind picturing myself wearing them. Today my fantasies are over and i’m finally satisfied in reality.
The colour was my main concern, I was trying to imagine how shiny it is by referencing all the photos that I have downloaded. It took me a few days to play around with the keywords on Google Images. I tried to dig out as much photos I can find. Hard to believe that nobody has one of these, as all I can find is celebrities wearing them in concerts, music videos and red carpets. Anyway, I gave up hope in search for realistic photos and concluded my fruitful search.
Now that I have receive this pair of Balmain Silver Biker Jeans in person, I can explain to you how it really looks like in reality. Just in case you were as skeptical as I am. To be honest, all the photos that you have seen Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, Justin, Ricky, G Dragon or whoever that wore it doesn’t look as shiny as you think it is. The only reason why it shines so much is because the photographer that used flash to photograph them, which reflected the silver glitter properties on the jeans. This pair of jeans is actually in light-mid grey colour, it has a silver waxed finish. Much like all the other Balmain Waxed Biker Jeans that are hand painted by a mild shiny coat. Therefore there are unpainted areas that does not have the silver finishing, which reflect less light. I am quite glad that Christophe Decarnin designed it this way, as I could picture myself wearing it more often that I have anticipated.

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Source: – Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2011 Biker Slim Argent
Product Information:
French Name: Biker Slim Effect nervure Sans Argent (Gris)
English Name: Men Biker Slim Silver Ribbed (Grey)
Product Code: S1HT551B363S 191
Colour: Argent/ Silver
Size Shown: T29
Size Guide: Low rise. Fits large to size. Take one size down your normal size
Size 29 – Approximate* Waist 42cm, Rise 23cm, Thigh 27cm, Hem Width 16cm, Total Length 103cm
Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Polyurethane
Design in France, Made in Italy
Me wearing my new Balmain Silver Biker Jeans, more daily looks updates on my Instagram @drblogspot. Follow me! =)

L41A – Balmain Silver Slim Biker Jeans – ¥ 126,000 (SOLD OUT)

The Lusso – Balmain 11SS Silver Biker Stretch Jean S1HT551B363S – ₩ 1,670,000 (SOLD OUT)

LUISAVIAROMA – Balmain Stretch Silver Slim Biker Jeans – $1,662 (SOLD OUT)


Some Rare Runway Shoes on eBay For Now

9th August 2012
Prada Spring Summer 2011 Runway Oxford Espadrilles Creeper Shoes
(circa. Fall Winter 2010)

This is as rare as you can get on eBay, brand new with original box. This pair of Prada runway shoes were only made as an early prototype before the main production of the commercial version during Spring Summer 2011. There is significant difference between the runway and commercial version, in terms of height, width and design. This particular oxford style is impossible to be found in any Prada stores for now. Prada still manufactures the brogue version with the same height as the runway shoes, however, the width is not the same, so as the runway version which has a Prada Sport sole. They sort of improvise the height and design base on the feedback from Spring Summer 2011 commercial version, the current available version in store which are price at $1190 AUD, but has a thinner width compared to the runway and commercial version from Fall Winter 2010, Spring Summer 2011.

My Prada Spring Summer 2011 Runway Oxford and Brogues Espadrilles Creepers. I was lucky enough to buy one from Rakuten Japan last year, so as the right pair Brogues from a Prada manager who was kind enough to sell them to me (read more).
Prada Spring Summer 2012 Bejewel Tricolour Golf Shoes

Another fine example from Prada, i’m afraid to say that this eBay deal is so good that I was about to purchase them last night, without informing you guys about it of course, hahaha. But after careful consideration, I won’t be touching it even at this price. Don’t get me wrong, I love them a lot, but then again I can’t seem to accept the Golf soles, they are impractical for tarmac and would make lots of sound to attract even more attention. Even if I bought them, it wouldn’t be the right time for me to wear, as fashion here is quite conservative in Melbourne. If I live in Tokyo, I would definitely get these and wear them out for good, it depends which lifestyle you want to live to wear such shoes. I admit, I am not brave enough to wear these out.
Take note, that this shoe size runs slightly bigger. I am a size 43-43.5 but I could fit in Prada size 8-8.5, 42-42.5. So this particular pair on eBay would be around 45-45.5 if not mistaken. They are very comfortable, I doubt anyone would regret buying them.

Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler Thigh High Boots

Not every men gets to experience wearing thigh high boots in their life. This was a brave step by Riccardo Tisci during Fall Winter 2011, you would be surprise there is actually demand out there for these extreme eccentric boots. The last time I saw one which went on sale was from Koji Wang, some guy who works for the fashion industry in Lane Crawford who sold me a Prada Spring Summer 2011 Multi-colour Stripe Sweater, as seen on my profile picture there >>>. Koji had the exact size as the one currently on eBay, in a size 41 as well, but he sold it on bid in used condition for only $1059.99. The current one on eBay is also on bid, but for $2700 instead in brand new condition. Not to mention, someone has already place a bid on it. So for whoever out there who always wanted this pair of thigh high boots from Givenchy, this could be your last chance forever to buy one brand new. It would definitely be worth a collector’s item even if you don’t wear them. I could imagine it being in a museum some day.
Source: Riccardi Boston, eBay Australia,, Youtube Channel – Andrew Mukamal
Sean Godard discusses how he manage to get hold a pair of Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler Thigh High Boots with Andrew Mukamal. They are both wearing Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise collection.

Me wearing the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise Shirt – Follow me on Instagram for more photos (user: mauricelwx)

My Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 Rottweiler Checkered Shirt + Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise Shirt.

Bye Bye My Dear Prada

13th June 2012
after blogging about ‘My Impossible to Find Runway Prada Brogue
Wingtip Espadrilles Creepers
‘, a few people have inquired about the variety
of my Prada shoe collection. A buyer from Denmark was particularly serious and
interested on the very first pair of Prada SS11 Espadrilles that I bought more
than a year ago.
My intentions were never to sell them, knowing that Prada no
longer produce the lower rubber version after Spring Summer 2011. But I guess I
can’t keep so many of them, as they are left most of the time redundant asleep
in the box, and which I would only wear each pair less than 4 times a month
just to keep the life span of the soles. I also have many recent haunting
thoughts of desperate desires to acquire a pair of studded Christian Louboutin
So I
guess this was really goodbye to my beloved Prada SS11 Espadrille shoe. I will
truly miss them.

Above Image:, The evolution of the Prada Brogue Wingtip Espadrilles Creepers from (Right) FW10/SS11, (Middle) SS11, (Left) FW11
Other versions below: FW11 compared to SS10/11 – Prada’s revised version base on customer feedback from SS11 sales


Balmain vs. ZARA – Imitation or Innovation?

9th June 2012
I went to ZARA Melbourne today and guess what I found on the womenswear section. They call it  the ‘Short Blazer With Pockets’ and only retails for $159 AUD. The original design is from Balmain SS2012 Satin-Trimmed Wool-Crepe Jacket that is approximately 17 times the price tag of ZARA’s version.
Source:, ZARA Melbourne

Source: (LEFT) ZARA, Womenswear; (RIGHT) Net-A-Porter, Balmain
The menswear version from Balmain has two colours, white or black. I tried the Balmain SS2012 Satin-Trimmed Crop Tuxedo in Black during April when I was at the Ginza, Tokyo store. I absolutely love it till today and still considering whether I should get one.


My Impossible to Find Runway Prada Brogue Wingtip Espadrilles Creepers

6th June 2012

Source: Prada Men Advertising Campaign Spring Summer 2011

Remember about 2 years ago when Prada featured those one of a kind shoes during Spring Summer 2011? The very first time when I saw these Prada shoes that were displayed at Chadstone, it literally stop me starring and got me thinking how ugly they were. As Maggie Alderson described it completely as a shoe “about God making the hyena out of all the spare parts he had left over from making all the other animals.” Alderson, 2011.

But as I went home, I was exactly in the same state as Maggie, I thought about it once that maybe I should give them a try, but then I had second thoughts of how outrageously wrong and weird they were, unlike any shoes that I have ever seen in my life. As my thoughts were left to wander, my desires for it arise. I don’t know how it happened; unexpectedly I could recall myself in a desire state to acquire them. I told myself I have to at least give them a try than to judge them; it wouldn’t hurt even if I left Prada empty handed, and I have nothing to loose.

Everyday I had a little thought about it and it grew inside me like a ticking time bomb. Finally I went back by chance to the store to surrender my curiosity and gave them a try. When I wore them, they felt weird because of the wedge platform; I walk in it a few moments and concluded that they were the best shoes in the world.

I love them for what they were, the shiny finish on the black brogue was perfect, the width was just nice, the espadrilles was simply stunning – it was chunky and detailed with stitching’s between it. Patch on with a sneaker sole, absolutely gorgeous. I need it badly as I could foresee myself wearing them a lot.

The Prada Brogue Espadrilles was like my soul mate, and I told the sales girl that I would take them by impulse. Unfortunately they belong to another client from Sydney and were not for sale at that time. I was disappointed, but I thought that it would give me a second chance to go home and have a good think about purchasing them since they were quite expensive. I left my name at Prada, waiting for the good news.

The next day, Prada called and told me they had one pair in the city, only one size left. I rushed there as soon as possible after class, hoping nobody would buy them before me. My overnight research found out that they were extremely popular, and it was sold out everywhere in the world. When I was at Prada, the shoe that they reserved for me was a let down, the espadrilles were not chunky and it wasn’t as well stitched as the first pair. I have to admit that I am a perfectionist, even when it comes to the smallest details. I described to the sales person about my situation, that I was in a dilemma and needed the first pair that I tried in Chadstone. Unfortunately again they told me they would not release it to me until the client arrives from Sydney and he will then decide whether he wants it or not. I had no chance and did not want to risk loosing it, so I took the pair that I wasn’t happy with.

Looking disappointed, the Prada manager was kind enough to show me his ‘Runway’ pair that he acquired through special order. I compared the ‘Runway’ version with the one that I was about to buy. It was completely different. The ‘Runway’ pair had a taller sole and edgy look; it’s not the same! I went home with my new shoes to sort out the exchange with the one in Chadstone – it went well.

I remember that I came across an Australian blogger who went for a short trip in Tokyo. She took pictures of her boyfriend wearing the ‘Runway’ version (I can’t find this blog now). The date of their purchase was in October 2010. These shoes weren’t even released back then until February 2011 when Spring Summer commence! I also found out that most of the ‘Runway’ versions were sold to Prada buyers themselves during Prada SS11 menswear and womenswear fashion show and that most of them were actually sold to Japan.

After a few months of hunting, I manage to find 4 pairs on a Japanese eBay website. They were all in ‘S’ to ‘SS’ condition – excellent to mint. There was only two sizes, 9 and 10. The Prada manager had one in a size 9, but it wasn’t his fit since the Prada brogues espadrilles runs half to one size bigger. I bought a black brogue ‘Runway’ version and the Japanese seller told me that they needed 1 week to calculate the shipping (who takes that long just to find out shipping rates?).

After one week, they came back and told me the shoe that I bought was sold off in store! WTF! I was so pissed off; I gave them a good piece of my mind. However, there was another non-brogue version in bruciato and had a green stripe at the back
(featured on SS11 runway). They sold it to me for a very good price, since I was a disappointed customer.

Many months have past and the Prada manager has finally decided to sell me his ‘Runway’ versions. It took me almost a year to persuade him by chance, but I was very very happy because I was an addict to these shoes and that it meant so much to me. My journey to hunt for Prada Brogue Wingtip Espadrilles Creepers has landed me with 7 pairs in total, one from SS11, two from SS11 ‘Runway’, and four from FW11. These shoes are so popular that Prada has decided to keep them till today.

Below here are two of my ‘Runway’ brogue and non-brogue versions.


Alderson, M 2011, ‘Frankenstein shoes’, Maggie Alderson – Style Notes, 25 January, accessed 6 June 2012, <>