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Thom Browne Navy Nautical Anchor Embroidered Blazer

3rd December 2014

Short jackets or blazers has continued to remain in vogue with many of the leading luxury menswear designer labels and has since stay stylishly relevant for more than half a decade. The concept of short jackets is that it makes one look taller, the jacket length finishes higher on the trouser, leaving more leg showing which gives the illusion of lank. This works to a certain perspective as a long length jacket such as an overcoat will certainly render its wearer shorter to the average eye. The other purpose behind the concept is that it gives the jacket a casual appearance. Thom Browne is perhaps the most famous influential advocate of the ‘shrunken look’, specialising in cut short blazers, jackets, suits and the short-pants-bare-ankles identity which has eventually transform our view and conceivably impact the highstreet industry because of his creative innovation.

Back in the earlier days, people were all worried that the style was a fad since it seems to be deliberately cater for the short-to-moderate height customer. After more than half a decade since its inception, majority of the global consumers still feels the same and finds difficulty understanding the distinct philosophy behind the brand. However, sales in China and Japan reveals his biggest success story because Browne’s fit-guide works best in this part of the world. Much like the average consumer, I was disappointed at the beginning with the fit but eventually found acceptance and affection for Thom Browne. I guess it generally takes time and repeated exposure to learn to like the brand, the tricolor stripe grosgrain trim is the ultimate label identification which can be quite addictive. Discover a closer look at Thom Browne’s Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook collection.


Givenchy Vintage Computer Robot Print Shirt

24th June 2014
I think i’m done shopping for Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 as i’ve managed to acquire a number of items from the first two quarters of this year. If you are still hungry for more Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 Floral-Camouflage collection and Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 Robot-Radio Computer collection, then you should probably pause reading and make your way to SSENSE right now as they have just extended the sale discount on Givenchy menswear since the beginning of this week. Even masterpieces like the Givenchy Robot Striped Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt is currently at half price, for just only $478 and available in all sizes including the XXS! This sort of breaks my heart as i’ve paid premium not too long ago. Read more about the Givenchy Robot Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt.

Aside from the above, good news as MR PORTER has just started their international sale today as of 22 June 2014. It’s about time the entire store goes on sale as many retailers has already offered discounts on the Spring Summer 2014 collection a month ago. While looking into the sale collection, MR PORTER also took the opportunity to introduce their latest Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection in conjunction with the sales announcement, a wise strategic move. Inside the new collection includes edgy pieces from the Givenchy Elmerinda Tattoo Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt towards the Givenchy Rottweiler Embroidered Print Sweater and a small pretty collection of monochrome classics Givenchy Floral-Camouflage accessories to entice your additional consideration. Story continues below.

It’s me wearing my new Givenchy Vintage Computer Tech Print Shirt with H&M Black Drop-Crotch Cotton Shorts and all-time favorite Christian Louboutin Pik Pik High-Top Leather Sneakers! More advance previews through my Instagram as always, follow me @drblogspot!

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In view of the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 season, Riccardo Tisci has shown us an abundance of prints ranging that embarks a journey from America to Africa. Style pieces are heavily inspired in the upmost diversification from the Los Angeles skaters towards computer nerds till the 70’€™s vintage electronics with a touch of African ethnography. An eccentrically beautiful collection with mixed colours, shapes, design and thematic concept silhouettes that exude a sporty elegance and a freedom of layering with contrasting elements. It is by far one of my most favourite collection from the thriving brand in comparison with the momentous Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Birds of Paradise.

And this below here is the Givenchy Vintage Computer Tech Print Shirt, it’s my latest acquisition along with the Givenchy Robot Sleeve-Print Shirt in black, but made bigger and better than most of the Givenchy standardised shirts. Earlier debut in Colette and is available now for just a mere $540 half price after this week’s extended sale discount in SSENSE, it’s practically a steal! The Givenchy Vintage Computer Tech Print Shirt is supposedly predicted to be one of the most sought after prints in the shirt category for Spring Summer 2014. Regrettably it didn’t took off quite well as the Robot-Radio Computer collection was only introduced almost at the end of the Spring Summer 2014 cycle and it also could be also because of the enormous silhouette that has frighten most of us, in order words – it’s a Columbian-Fit.

The graphic design on the bodywork looks well neat and carefully laid with a sporty edge despite it’s complicated intriguing electronic detailing. So much detailing needed that the composed print has taken up significant changes which has affected the overall size structure, pushing the boundaries of design translated into an oversized fit expression in comparison with the other competitive Robot print shirt counterparts. It’s rather big too, but it doesn’t seem so because of full utilisation of negative space that promotes it into a three dimensional perspective. The least that you would expect is that it actually fits well at a glance as a Columbian-Fit shirt with humongous excess of chest cut, the symmetry electronics are pretty fascinating to stare at and were actually based part of the inspiration from a vintage radio recorder system that has made it the ultimate electronic art print statement-maker at the moment, no robot here.
Adding further, it has a distinctive flavour that terms ‘Summer’ feel, colours offered in this series was first introduced at the beginning of the runway show, watch the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 menswear runway here – a unique blend of beige sand colour with eye-catching orange and blue tape recorder reels arranged in a sophisticated manner. The rear end view is even much more impressive that highlights the entire graphic feature even further in a just a flat canvas that will set anyone ahead of the fashion crowd. Despite it yielding a premium price at $1,080, Givenchy hasn’t been stingy on the shirt’s print specification as the construction of this shirt are joined in precision to connect the artwork as an entire piece like a complete assembled machinery.

I believe this is not the end of the Givenchy Robot-Radio Computer edge for Spring Summer 2014, though the season has ended in quick bit, the design however remains relevant in creative that characterises a milestone of the brands vivid collection, let’s think continuity. Watch this blog as i’ll be talking about Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear soon!


SSENSE – Givenchy Beige Vintage Computer Print Shirt. Long sleeve shirt in tones of beige and blue. Vintage computer graphic print throughout. Spread collar. Concealed button closure at front. Single-button barrel cuffs. Curved hem. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Made in Portugal Styled with: Givenchy – Black Buffed Leather Trousers, Givenchy – Black Leather Slip-On Shoes, Givenchy – Black Embossed Star Nightingale Tote.

SSENSE $1,080 $540 – BUY IT NOW

MR PORTER – Givenchy Tech-Print Shirt. Fits true to size. Take your normal size Regular cut, designed for a more comfortable fit. Model wears an EU 39 (UK/US 15.5). Model measures: chest 38″/ 96cm, height 6’1″/ 185cm. Multi-coloured printed shirt Collar stays, buttoned cuffs, concealed placket 100% cotton Machine wash or dry clean


Farfetch – Givenchy Control Desk Print Shirt. Multicolour cotton control desk print shirt from Givenchy featuring a classic collar, a front button fastening, long sleeves, button cuffs and a curved hemline. Item ID: 10694888. Measurements: item fits true to size, Models Measurements Height: 191 Bust/Chest (cm): 93 Waist (cm): 77 Hips (cm): 98 Model is wearing size: 40. Composition: Cotton 100% WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Wash.

Farfetch $895.77 $716.61 – BUY IT NOW

SSENSE – Givenchy Grey & Blue Radio Print Trousers. Relaxed-fit pleated trousers in tones of tones of beige, grey, orange, and blue. Four-pocket styling. Tonal stitching. Zip fly. 100% cotton. Made in Italy Styled with: Givenchy – Black Embroidered Stars Shirt, Givenchy – Black Pebbled Leather Sandals, Givenchy – Black Leather Nightingale Viking Tote

SSENSE $1,435 $,1004 – BUY IT NOW


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Givenchy Robot Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt

14th May 2014
Letting go the best thing I ever had was never an easy option, just over the past few weeks I have sold most of my Givenchy collection through email inquiries, ranging from the earliest Fall Winter 2011 till Spring Summer 2013 menswear which includes the rarest Givenchy Rottweiler Tartan Print Shirt and Givenchy Shark & Mermaid Columbian-Fit T-Shirt in pristine condition that I have held so dearly throughout the years – some say… I must had been out of my mind!
There was a notion that I could no longer continue to wear them, the sense of ownership had been lost through time. The initial reason was because I have outgrown it’s size, which makes the shirt collar extremely difficult to button up. Then there was also the comprehension that I had lost my desirable enjoyment of possessing these demanding designer clothes, in other words I got bored of them. It was a plausible excuse to let them go to whoever that may needed them most. I’m glad that the buyers who bought them are now extremely happy. :)
Moving forward in 2014, I have utilized these residual funds to invest in the latest Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014 and Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 collection. So far I have managed to acquire a number of preferable pieces through prudent selection, if you follow my blog closely you would know which are the best to pick out of the ever rapid transformation collection. And when it comes to Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 and Givenchy Fall Winter 2014, there will be even much more choices and alternatives available to express your very own personal ‘Givenchy’ identities that will likely affect or even influence everyone’s decision making, therefore we will have to address it with a cautious shopping strategy. More sneak peaks of the upcoming near-future collection will be report here at my blog by the end of this week.

It’s me wearing my new Givenchy Black Robot Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt! Overworn Topman Black Cotton Shorts and ever desirable Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals. More advance previews through my Instagram as always, follow me @drblogspot!

The Mechanical Robot Overview

The Givenchy Robot Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt is a coveted canvas pack with a punch of creativity, since the beginning of the runway showcase at the end of June 2013, the black robot was the first masterpiece that had caught my eyes and I knew it from that moment it has to be mine no matter what it takes. Almost a year later and very much thanks to my dear friend Mr Boombayeh who was so kind to offer me this beautiful piece which has just arrived earlier this month, I am truly satisfied with the purchase that makes me a very proud owner.

Click here to see much more photos and read much more!!!

The Givenchy Black Robot Print T-Shirt has always been my primary choice over the Givenchy Multi-Striped Robot T-Shirt and if you’re not too sure among these two main siblings, there is generous variety for you to choose from, like the also similar Givenchy Multi-Striped Robot T-Shirt in Red-Collar variant, Givenchy Light Blue Robot T-Shirt that was leased earlier and is currently sold out at most places including Matches Fashion, Givenchy Black Robot Panelled T-Shirt as the premium variant current exclusive towards Luisa Via Roma and Givenchy Green Robot T-Shirt for those with a niche taste. All these variety of the same composition are for those who would like to converge the ultimate self-expression and Givenchy lifestyle beacon should probably buy them all. Though there are a numerous readers who prefer the stripes because of it’s added complication characteristics, I argued that the solid background helps to elevate the exuberant red and blue hues of the architectural exoskeleton further by allowing observers to appreciate it’s unique setting at a quick glance.

If you have mixed feelings and who is a gluttonous person living under a budget for the extra quench, then by all means do buy the t-shirt in black and settle the shirt version in stripes as found here. I believe my faith will shortly lead my next purchase towards the Givenchy Striped Robot Print Shirt. The robot is the 5th oversize out of the 7th t-shirt from Givenchy that I have purchased since 2011, despite little has change over time there is a new curve hem, in addition to a longer tail hem that seems to be inspired from the earlier Givenchy Star-Neckline Polo Shirts – I would say the minor tailoring is quite acceptable. The robot print derived from the old computers is truly a remarkable piece of design, it has a beautiful symmetry based on a human infrastructure that incorporates the mechanical elements. One of my all time favorite feature is the back which houses a tail of detailed copper circuit lines that frames a number of vintage computer systems linked with protruding wiring in criss-crossed placement that augments a powerful speed and strength, then it is followed by the enriched gradient blue to what is seems like a blue magnetic tape recorder distributed all over the t-shirt as the prime characteristics.

The future is here with Givenchy Spring Summer 2014, there is a wide range of engaging techno-tribal designs coincide with an array of mechanical components and dated computer systems that we have long forgotten. My genuine advise is, wait no further as this collection will be immensely popular like the once prosperous Givenchy Birds of Paradise, and perhaps sometime later it could be quite lucrative in returns. Match the Givenchy Robot Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt with the Givenchy Mechanical Bermuda Shorts, Givenchy Robot Electronic Leggings and Givenchy Black Pebbled Sandals to execute the quintessential Givenchy style.


Luisa Via Roma – Givenchy Robot Cotton Jersey Columbian-Fit T-Shirt. Black colour. Round neck. Robot mechanical detail print at all sides. Rounded curve hem. Columbian fit = Oversized fit. Sample size: M. 100% Cotton.

Luisa Via Roma $955 – BUY IT NOW

Farfetch – Givenchy Black Robot Mechanical T-Shirt. Black mechanical t-shirt from Givenchy featuring a crew neck, short sleeves, side slits and mechanical graphic throughout. 100% Cotton. Item ID: 10709304. Size & Fit – Models Measurements: Height (cm): 186 Bust/Chest (cm): 97 Waist (cm): 73 Hips (cm): 93 Model is wearing size: L
Luisa Via Roma $955 – BUY IT NOW

MR PORTER – Givenchy Robot-Print Black T-Shirt. Black T-shirt with robot print by Givenchy. This item is large to size, take a size smaller than normal. Shown here with Givenchy trousers and shoes. Fits large to size. By taking the next size down this t-shirt will retain its intended oversized silhouette, and you will achieve a better fit. Model wears a S. Model measures: chest 38″/ 96cm, height 6’1″/ 185cm. Multi-coloured printed cotton-jersey T-shirt. Oversized, crew neck. 100% cotton. Machine wash.


Farfetch – Givenchy Robot Juke Box Print Sweatshirt. Black and multicoloured cotton juke box print sweatshirt from Givenchy featuring a round neck and long sleeves. 100% Cotton. Item ID: 10592680. Size & Fit – Models Measurements: Height (cm): 191 Bust/Chest (cm): 93 Waist (cm): 77 Hips (cm): 98 Model is wearing size: S

Luisa Via Roma $1,031 – BUY IT NOW


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Givenchy Opens First Boutique in US

27th April 2014
Exciting news as Givenchy has recently opened it’s first United States boutique in Wynn Esplanade, Las Vegas. The new store covers over 3,100 square-foot of prime retail space featuring both the latest menswear and womenswear ready-to-wear collection, including bags and accessories. Shop the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 menswear new arrival at SSENSE!
The fancy store decor’s main inspiration design was drawn from the rue du Fauboug Saint Honoré flagship store in Paris. Highlight features includes delivery boxes resembling the lacquered wood boxes, the rooms feature floors in natural oak parquet, white-lacquered console tables, water drop-shaped black sahara marble and golden brass podiums which revolves around the signature characteristics. The new store club together with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Brioni, Hermès and more, Givenchy adds the extra touch of glamour to the shopper’s paradise at the high-end retail mix of Wynn and Encore Esplanades.
Givenchy, 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite 100, South Las Vegas, USA

Shop your inspiration:

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Givenchy Red Crocodile Las Vegas 2014 Limited Edition Bag
As for in-store exclusives, to celebrate the opening Givenchy has launched three limited edition Shark Chain bags in red crocodile skin with red nappa lining, lambskin leather, and trimmed with pale gold hardware. Each of the bag will feature a special metal plaque displaying the number of the limited edition etched along with the Givenchy Wynn Las Vegas 2014 mark.

Givenchy Returning to Madison Avenue

The opening in Las Vegas marks a series a new store openings for Givenchy in the United States followed by a flagship store in New York on Madison Avenue. It is learned that the haute couture designer has inked a deal to inhabit a ritzy corner at 747 Madison next to its own former designer, Alexander McQueen store.
The new Givenchy boutique will engulf yet another second-floor apartment being purchased by Sutton so as to create a dramatic, double-height space for its target 2014 holiday opening. The upcoming 2,800 square-foot store will be located at the southeast corner of East 65th Street that was just leased by Givenchy is now solely owned by real estate tycoon Jeff Sutton.

Givenchy’s previous store at 710 Madison closed in 2008. Earlier this month, CEO Sebastian Suhl disclosed plans to open boutiques in Miami and on “Upper Madison.”


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Givenchy Richelieu Metal-Plate Buckle Shoes

14th March 2014
Spotted under the radar in new arrivals this week is a pair of exceptionally unique dress shoes from Givenchy. Surprising news as the Givenchy Richelieu Metal-Plate Buckle Lace-Up Shoe is now officially available for commercial sale. The iconic pair was first offered at Selfridges & Co., second leading to Lane Crawford and now at SSENSE since the beginning of March 2014.
We have previously forecast that the availability of the shoe was to be offered collectively for Givenchy Fall Winter 2014, much like the Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals that were initially proposed for Pre-Spring 2013 season was made available in-conjunction with the recent Pre-Spring 2014 menswear collection. Read more about the Givenchy Metal Buckle Leather Shoes Fall Winter 2013.
It has been more than a year since it was first revealed in the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 menswear fashion show, various snippets of the pair were featured in global editorial magazine spread throughout Fall Winter 2013 for further admiration and sigh over the privation footwear, due to contracted manufacturing issues.
There are minor differences between the runway sample and commercial pair for 2014. The main highlights between both are similar, this season’s featured metal-plate buckle is available in mirror silver finish comparative to the matte silver or black brush prototype versions. This current variant derives from the time honoured Givenchy Richelieu Lace-Up Shoes, it is a basic calf-leather shoe with lace-up details merit from it’s distinctive silhouette that was officially made available for every season as part of the classic designer collection.

Elegance is one word to describe Michael B. Jordan, as he was decked out head to toe in the latest Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci for the 86th Academy Awards held at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, California earlier this month. Micheal wore the exclusive Givenchy Richelieu Metal-Plated Buckle Lace-Up Shoe with the following Givenchy Black Wool Tuxedo Blazer from Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014, a bold solid black satin tie and an unidentified Givenchy White Poplin Cotton Shirt with Embellished Star-Collar Chain Detail yet to be revealed in stores. Shop Michael B. Jordon’s complete look at Givenchy menswear in SSENSE.

Get Michael’s Look:

SSENSE – Givenchy Black & Silver Richelieu Metal Buckle Lace Up Shoe. Buffed leather metal buckle feature ‘Richelieu’ lace-up shoes in black. Point toe. Inverted lace-up closure. Extra wide contoured silver-tone metal snap-down buckle at vamp with hinged tab closure at outer side. Leather interior and sole. Tonal stitching. Upper: leather & metal. Interior & sole: 100% leather. Made in Portugal.


Click to see more photos and information!

Lane Crawford – Givenchy Metal Buckle Leather Shoes. Featuring a distinctive mirror metal buckle, these Givenchy shoes add a modern twist to a classic style. Crafted with a mix of contrasting materials, this pair showcases the label’s signature aesthetics. Wear them with tailored shirts to uplift your look. Black, lace up covered by silver metal buckle, almond toe, stacked heel. Designer shoe bag included 100% leather upper, insole, and sole.

Lane Crawford $1,520 — BUY IT NOW


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Balmain Double Breasted Wool Gabardine Jacket

6th March 2014
Two weeks ago, I had the greatest opportunity to acquire the one jacket that I have always desired ever since the beginning of 2012. It has been in my wishlist ever since Fall Winter 2012, a long time ago when this blog has just started. I was quietly waiting with patience for the right moment and a quick decision to bargain with the seller based in New York who was selling it as brand new with tags! This is the 5th time I am wearing it with pride and grace for work while writing this post at nearby cafe. See the complete collection at Balmain Fall Winter 2012 Presentation.
The Balmain Double Breasted Wool Gabardine Jacket is a rare piece from Olivier Rousteing’s second menswear collection. It’s was first offered online for pre-order earlier at Luisa Via Roma in limited quantities and was only available at a few selective retailers around the world. They have even made a more exclusive version with gold embroidered cuffs detailing earlier available at Harrods. I even had the chance to try it in person during the beginning of the autumn winter season, an unforgettable experience, the moment of sheer pleasure when I tried it over felt ever more desirable.

It’s me wearing my new Balmain Double Breasted Wool Gabardine Jacket from the Balmain Fall Winter 2012, a ever-classic Armani Collezioni Mandrin Collar Cotton Shirt, paired with Balmain Black Waxed Skinny Biker Denim Jeans and Balmain Velcro Ribbed High-Top Leather Sneakers.

Click here to read the entire story and see much more pictures!

Shop the look:

Throughout the years, the Balmain Double Breasted Wool Gabardine Jacket has maintained an elegant perpetual appeal because of it’s advance design that has made it’s fashion relevant till date. The jacket offers multiple characteristics — a hybrid cross between a futuristic and modern classic piece with it’s refined statement making satin lapel and glamourous heritage of the overlapping double breasted is an instant gentlemen’s quintessential style. The clever use of the distinctive Balmain’s signature peak shoulders cuts and chunky silver military six row buttons and cuffs takes elevates the details further. Selected from the finest wool fabrics assembled at the heart of the designer’s home country, it is one of a few menswear pieces that are still made in France. The fit is perfection that doesn’t require alteration for a body type of mine, though it fits a size smaller due to the nature of the closer cuts that are destined for slim-fits, I am wearing a size 50 here while i’m a 48.
It puts a smile on my face whenever I have a glimpse of it hanging among the set of my blazers and jackets collection. I still think it has a unique charm despite it’s age in the fashion world that would have considered it being obsolete by now. But you will be surprise when there are truly great fashion pieces out there that will last a lifetime with careful evaluation and wise decision making. The designer has even remake this jacket for the Balmain Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection, which now includes a few variants such as the more casual and seasonal skewed Balmain Double Breasted Cotton Jersey Jacket available at Luisa Via Roma, and the most identical recent added Balmain Black Double Breasted Blazer that could be found at SSENSE, also available in ivory which seems to be more popular.





Balmain Homme Automne-Hiver 2012

Luisa Via Roma – Balmain Black Wool Gabardine Double Breasted Jacket. Slim satin shawl collar. Four buttons at cuffs. Double breasted front button closure. Two internal pockets. Fully lined. Made in France. Sample Size: 48. Balmain Fall Winter 2012 Menswear Collection.

Luisa Via Roma $3,026.00 — SOLD OUT

Luisa Via Roma – Balmain Navy Double Breasted Cotton Jersey Jacket. Shawl lapels. Double breasted button closure. Three buttons at cuff. Flap pockets. Vent at back. Made in France. Sample size: 48 100% Cotton.
Luisa Via Roma $1925.00 — BUY IT NOW

SSENSE – Balmain Black Double Breasted Blazer. Double breasted blazer in black. Black silk blend shawl collar and plackets. Six on three oversize pewter-tone heraldic crest buttons at front closure. Angled breast pocket and flap pockets at front. Vented at back hem. Three-button sleeve closure with additional button hole. Fully lined. Tonal stitching. Main: 100% wool. Trim: 57% cotton, 43% silk. Body & pocket lining: 100% cotton. Sleeve lining: 100% cupro. Dry clean. Made in France.

SSENSE $3,575.00 — BUY IT NOW

SSENSE – Balmain Ivory Double Breasted Blazer. Double breasted blazer in ivory. Black silk blend shawl collar and plackets. Three on six oversize pewter-tone heraldic crest buttons at front closure. Angled breast pocket and flap pockets at front. Vented at back hem. Three-button sleeve closure with additional button hole. Fully lined. Tonal stitching. Main: 100% wool. Trim: 57% cotton, 43% silk. Body & pocket lining: 100% cotton. Sleeve lining: 100% cupro. Dry clean. Made in France.

SSENSE $3,575.00 — BUY IT NOW


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