Balmain Fall Winter 2013 Wishlist

4th June 2013
Dreams Came True – After a disappointing start of the year with Balmain Spring Summer 2013, I am finally convinced to start spending on Balmain again. Yes, I got off empty handed without purchasing any Balmain from Spring Summer 2013, the amount that I have not sacrifice to spend has saved me more funds in my bank account.
Olivier Rousteing has proved his strength once again in his second Fall Winter Men’s collection just as good as his first Fall Winter 2012, I always wonder why the current Balmain Spring Summer 2013 sucks. There is so much more that could be done with the amount of resources than to oversupply the market with countless varieties of styles which possesses lack of characteristics and comes in unfavourable colours, it is as though they had no direction of what they were doing and decide to do a little market testing.
Fortunately the nightmare is over, just right after looking at Luisa Via Roma’s Balmain Fall Winter 2013 released today for global pre-order is one damn tasty collection. This collection is by far better than the Balmain Spring Summer 2013, the way LUISAVIAROMA.com visual merchandised the styles provides a reverential presepective of how well Rousteing has execute the entire collection. As we discussed earlier last month about Balmain Men’s Fall Winter 2013 Collection, there will be a raise in pricing, so it seems our intelligence were true and the Balmain 18cm Destroyed Biker Denim Jeans estimated even slightly more than we predicted at $2,518. Probably the highest priced Balmain Destroyed Biker Jeans I have ever seen to date in the men’s collection. But seriously, is it really worth spending $2,518 on a pair of destroyed jeans (*hint hint – this style will fade and be outdated sooner than you think)? Nonetheless, the ever popular Balmain Black Waxed Biker Jeans has rebound from Spring Summer 2012, this time with a little distressed and washed detailing – this is deem to be one popular biker.
My Balmain Fall Winter 2013 Collection Wishlist at LUISAVIAROMA

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  • Anonymous

    Love the selections.
    The prices are scary.
    I need to buy a biker leather jacket, but not sure if i go for the Givenchy or the Balmain.
    What do you think?

    • You have to ask yourself first, how much Balmain do you wear? If you like and own Balmain biker jeans, then you definitely need a Balmain Leather Jacket!

      Also I would look into how much you are willing to spend, if you have 5k for a leather jacket, I would be very careful with what i'm looking at. Personally Givenchy strength isn't in leather making, so buying a Givenchy leather jacket is less distinctive as to buying a Balmain. Balmain is always more timeless and classic, their designs will always repeat so this is another good value and excuse buying Balmain leather jackets.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i totally agree with you regarding the Balmain heritage in Leather Biker Jacket.
    Usually i wear comfortable pants and i never bough a Balmain biker jeans, for i am not a big fan of jeans and i have sizing issues.

  • Anonymous

    Did you notice that nothing is made in France? Even the jacket?

    • This is not good, I hope the cutting still remains the same.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,
    How is the cutting like for this season's balmain biker jeans?
    Are they still 2 sizes larger then normal?

    • Maybe, however I can't confirm this not until the size guide is released when the stock has arrive. So I would advise to wait, unless you want to secure a particular item in Luisa Via Roma then I would say take two sizes smaller. And if you have a lot of money, you can buy your actual size and 2 size smaller then return the less fitted version later on.

    • Anonymous

      I see, well thanks for the prompt reply. Cause i wear a size 27 and got one pair 2 seasons ago and the fit was like a 29 so i'm quite careful with balmain now..miss the season when they were fit true to size n made in paris instead of japan? =(

    • Judging by the current Spring Summer 2013 and Fall Winter 2012 biker jeans, most of them are oversized. Likely to be at least 2 sizes bigger. It would really suck to wear 2 sizes bigger jeans because they are so uncomfortable. I got rid of one pair from FW12 – if that is what you are referring from that season that fits 2 sizes bigger.

      Always buy jeans that fits you, I know how sucky it is. I hate the feeling to get surprised later on to find out that they don't fit. At the moment I strongly suggest you to wait till Luisa Via Roma receives the stock so they can measure. But as I said if you are eager, just buy your size. You can always return for free.

      The Balmain made in France is more true to size than the ones made in Japan. No idea why.

  • Anonymous

    For this FW 13, I like SLP ( esp the destroyed denim with chains to die for ) > Givenchy > Balmain

  • Anonymous

    Don't know why such a Look Book as the following link :
    that for 13 AW is not available yet, release more later or omit,
    just wondering …

    • Look books are only released mid of next month, during July. So it is not soon yet.

    • Anonymous

      Not true, 12 FW around late April and even back to 11 FW early June, so this time if 13 FW look book will carry on, it's definitely late…

    • The earliest release last year was at the end of May. I've mistaken, I mean June not July, so it will be soon.

    • Anonymous

      I saw the lookbook and the catalog with all the pieces, it's really really cheap looking and really expensive, not a lot of jacket, the few are not really good. Even the SA was confused, she didn't see the collection and saw it with me. Btw I'm surprised the black slim biker at luisaviaroma is described as 90% coton 10%EA and on the catalog of the Balmain store 98%co 2%ea.

    • Anonymous

      It's quite surprising that Balmain is so lazy about the cut and the quality while Hedi Slimane just relaunch YSL, I thought Balmain will be giving good collections for not giving is leading place. The quality at Saint Laurent is waaaaaayyyyyyy better than Balmain (the price are way higher too lol) and the cut are more actual (15,5cm), somethings are really similar with GSTAR or Diesel, scary.

    • Maybe LVR misdescribed it. I haven't seen the look book yet, but I have a feeling it won't give me any sudden surprises. Balmain Homme look books are always quite – boring. I prefer to see presentation day photos and official photoshoot during Paris Fashion Week.

    • I don't really see anything that I like at Saint Laurent except those tight leather zip pants that are priced near to $6,000, and only two sizes left.

      The entire collection isn't very inspiring to me. Sometimes I wonder whether people buy Saint Laurent because of Hedi Slimane or is it because they truly like the design? If the current Saint Laurent AW13 was designed by another person besides Hedi, would you still say that it is better than Balmain?

      I'm just curious as I don't see how a pair of distressed jeans with chain details could catch $2,500 and yet people still go crazy over them. Am I the only one missing something here? Why don't they just buy a pair of Topman skinny jeans and distress it themselves and add a few chains to it? I could probably do this myself if I wanted to. On the other hand, if I were to attempt to make a pair of biker ribbed detail jeans like Balmain, I wouldn't have clue how to DIY – and I'm sure my tailor would struggle to replicate it to? No?

      As you also mention earlier, it resembles G-Star and Diesel, so how can this be lead design?

      I asked a friend of mine the same curious questions as to above. He said its because of the 'rock n roll' style?

    • Anonymous

      I never had a crush on an entire collection except the Balmain fw12. Balmain, ysl or givenchy can look good if you pick just one piece and mixed with other brands. A total look is a mess. But this time at Balmain there is NO pieces that I'm attract for, and I was Balmain addict during the fw12 (I don't bought anything from ss12 which I found boring). I think the ysl jeans is way elaborated and looks better than the Balmain one due to the cut and the chain (of course I'll never buy it) and comparatively a 2500$ jeans is on the same scale than a 1000$ tshirt at Givenchy. Of course there is a hype about Hedi Slimane but about Olivier Rousteing too, the hoodie he did or the tshirt with all these prints are like super cheap. Sometimes the biker jeans looks like Diesel or G star except it's ripped, the distressed biker is so 2000 like members of Nsync would have wear it lol. Here in France only fans of Kanye West wears Givenchy and Balmain and I think it's such a shame because Balmain soul isnt really gangsta LOL and a lot of people told Balmain looks like Zara or The Kooples and they're not wrong on some points. I think there is a hype about Balmain because the high price people thinks expensive means cool.

    • Anonymous

      Check out holdemdenim from thailand..balmain inspired and u can custom make ur own designs and have it make to fit u..leather, wax coated, faux leather..chains, zippers what u can tink of they can add for u..save the money on saint laurent and balmain.. cheers!

    • Anonymous

      If like so, you can diy everything such as BALMAIN EMBROIDERED WOOL TWILL JACKET – $6883, maybe it just costs you $100 or something.
      Don't know why, it seems you know very little about Hedi, resit or even hate him.
      All I can say, like other guys, I do also very much into SLP Men's 13 AW but not the price tag.

    • Anonymous

      I'm just offering some alternatives here n look at some potential designers. I nvr said i hate or resist Heidi..Mayb i do not know as much as u or as rich as u r ya..Not asking u to follow n do what I said right..^^

    • Isn't the Balmain FW12 quite similar with the Balmain FW13? In terms of colour palette and style? Besides the overall oriental Japanese theme? Yes it's a shame that these people wear them, I don't like the feeling when things go too street-style, it ruins it's elegance. That is why I don't recommend to settle for distressed styles, however this is Balmain's DNA since the start. Just that the market trends has turned towards this brands since so many celebrities wear them. It is quite sad, because the mass market will go wherever the celebrities goes, they like to be some how associate with the style.

      As for Hedi Slimane, im not very keen in his collection, maybe I don't see the uniqueness it offers to me. As everything is quite blend, and it would be easy to attain the same look and style by buying other cheaper alternatives when compared to a $990 tartan shirt, $2,500 ripped jeans, $800 chelsea boots? Just being realistic. But everyone has different taste and opinions, if Saint Laurent is your way, then you should settle for it.

    • You're right, I don't know much about Hedi Slimane. I don't hate him, I just don't get what he is doing. Maybe I will later on.

      And No, you can't DIY a Balmain Embroidered Wool Twill Jacket for $100. That is not a realistic approach.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, LVR's model is not the right person for the styling shot with all jeans, the photo shot really turns me down… sorry …

  • Anonymous

    yo maurice,
    for me the destroyed biker jean from balmain is a kind of masterpiece if you got the money…
    then the 15.5cm 6k dollard pants from saint laurent is a awsome masterpiece!!(rare)
    i also like the color aubergine from balmain (the jacket and the pants), all the pants from balmain are kinda cool…
    i also like the saint laurent mohaire crochet hooded coat ( 2.6k euro).
    i don't see masterpiece in givenchy collection (fw2013):( , i wish they gonna add some stars sweaters like in givenchy fw2012…

    • Wise choice, I like everything you have mention. Especially the 6k leather saint laurent pants, crazy cool. As for givenchy, the masterpiece are the shirts for this season, and metal strap shoes. But nowhere to be seen for preorder.

    • Anonymous

      thanks but i think i gonna just buy some balmain pants this fw2013 seasons, if you like shirt saint laurent make one with metalic inserts, very nice but not in preorder shop…
      then do you know feelway.com ? it's a corean shop, i never buy there but there is a lot of good stuff, good look and tell me what do you think…( lot of old nice stuff)

    • metallic inserts? show me?

      Yes I know feelway, but everything there is overpriced and you need to use proxy which will charge a certain percentage. I dont think it is worth shopping there.

    • Anonymous

      on the kenzo tokgoz there is a video clip of saint laurent fw 2013, you can see this shirt( black at 0.23 ;0.38)
      there is also a pull over with some inserts very nice…
      i don't know if it's metal inserts

  • Anonymous

    MFF did a good job once again, here is the one for Givenchy before
    I love both of them fucking much, the best fashion clips ever, make me more love into these 2 fashion labels
    I strongly recommend Balmain should invite them to do a one

    • That video is so cult, very strong sense of Givenchy design. I find the nose ring quite disturbing, but some people really like it.

  • Julian

    Will try to get my hands on the BALMAIN HOODED RACCOON FUR AND DOWN JACKET. These piece is awesome and the size of the fur is enormous. Do you know if there is only the burgundy version or also other colors? What do you think of the jacket? Luisaviaroma only has a Large for biggest size, I'm 186 cm tall and have a muscular body from the gym with quite broad shoulders. For Balmain Hoodies a Size L is perfect for me, but for a winter jacket a little more space is good for layering – hmmm… Maybe i get the chance to try a XL.

    • I think it comes only in Burgundy, it is a very nice colour. Unless you are looking for green? You should take XL if you have broad shoulders, Balmain always runs on slim-fit. Even I struggle to wear their true to size jackets sometimes. :(

  • Anonymous

    Do you know how the BALMAIN 18CM VINTAGE WASH BIKER JEANS fit.
    I think it will be my first Balmain piece.

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and very impressed with your knowledge… I was wondering how you felt about the look of the hooded sweatshirt with embroidered shoulders, and the fit in particular? I'm just getting into the Balmain and the only item I have to compare is the military henley from SS13 (I believe?) in size M. On the other end, I wear XL in SL denim jacket. What do you think? Thank you!

    • The FW embroidered shoulders fit true to size, im not familiar with SL fit though,