Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Wishlist

8th June 2014
Luisa Via Roma has debut it’s new Balmain Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection at the first week of June 2014. The wild safari adventures influence with military-inspired menswear is available for pre-order and is expected to be delivered by the end of September 2014. Start shopping now or read and see much more of my preferable selection below.

What makes this collection unique compared to others is that it shares an extraordinary balance between feminism and masculinity, read more about this collection. Since the day Olivier Rousteing took over the house of Balmain as creative director in Fall Winter 2011, he has introduced an abundance of fantasy themes incorporated with the historic French brand’s DNA. We have witness a redevelopment that has brought to light in the Balmain menswear category. Rousteing’s anticipation throughout the years has landed most of his menswear creation with an effeminate twist, it was revolutionary.

The new Balmain Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection arrived in Luisa Via Roma in an array of tones ranging from khaki, olives and military green that drives the main concept towards a fair amount of exotic animal replicated prints from leopard to zebra regularly presented under ponyhair leather, not to forget the essential camouflage and blacks. This collection is both futuristic and classically stunning, there is a multitude quest of perfection as Rousteing’s exploration introduces military style elements combined with safari inspired colours and prints, while the final ideation was assembled in the core basis of Balmain’s signature biker cross militant heredity. It is the prefect collection to shop contemporary statement wardrobe staples that will last a life-time and will further cultivate conversation starters, a rare league in the competitive leading luxury designer wear.

There is an array of selections available at the tips of your fingers that will possibly exceed your expectation. Prominent styles like the Balmain Black Waxed Biker Denim Jeans introduced in a new 16.5cm cut has a lustrous coating that has became an ever-popular classic and will likely sell out in an instant prior to stock arrival. If you already have it, try this all new Balmain Waxed Ribbed Quilted Biker Denim Jeans that has flavours that pack a punch, notable elements from double zippers to heavy biker quilted knee panelled with distinct ribbed detailing may be termed “overkill”, nevertheless exclusive.
Other noteworthy re-introduced pieces includes the Balmain Black Double Breasted Belted Wool Military Peacoat found earlier in Fall Winter 2011, and the Balmain Khaki-Green Cotton Zipped Biker Hooded Jacket also available in latest Camouflage print were popularized in Spring Summer 2013. If these jackets are too basic for your needs, why not try this Balmain Black Asymmetrical Shearling Leather Biker Jacket that has the pinnacle characteristics of all leather jackets. And if this does not satisfy your high-end expectation, there is the aesthetically eye-catching Balmain Multi-Padded Quilted Camo-Detail Fur-Hooded Jacket that will make the ultimate affluent winter statement, who says fashion needs to be compromised during winter season? Proof them wrong!

New designs introduced last season in Spring Summer 2014, such as the Balmain Double-Ribbed Washed Destroyed Denim Biker Jeans has been significantly modified to accommodate classic style techniques. Other fast-moving pieces from previous seasons includes the Balmain Dirty Blue Washed Biker Denim Jeans and Balmain Blue Raw Selvedge Biker Denim Jeans has been extended to be made available for the current season. Maximize the entire look by pairing with these playful Balmain Leopard Ponyskin Calfhair Leather High-Top Sneakers, a desirable reanimated edition of the time-honored Balmain Black Leather High-Top Sneakers.

Luisa Via Roma $5,757 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,685 – BUY IT NOW

Click here to see much more tasteful selections!

Luisa Via Roma $3,640 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,210 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $7,495 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,355 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,180 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,005 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $535 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,115 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $5,995 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,425 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $6,210 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,925 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,755 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,415 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,115 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,370 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,840 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,400 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,455 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,015 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,585 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,005 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,625 – BUY IT NOW


In Motion: Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Menswear Presentation PFW-FW14

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Disclosed Collection: Balmain Fall Winter 2014 Showroom Sneak Peek

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  • Anonymous

    it look like expensive gstar, thats sad Balmain was so cool

    • Anonymous

      I think they focus more on the Women's line.
      On the contrary, Givenchy's mens line is the leading one and most sought after.
      Certain pieces are really nice specially the 16.5CM BLACK WAXED RIBBED QUILTED DENIM BIKER JEANS.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Maurice,
    Previously i asked it you about a professional laundry for dry clean in Melbourne and you helped me out with that and i really appreciate that you shared such information with me.
    I would like to ask you if there is any limitations on the clothing or shoes that i can take with me.
    I will be going for 14 months and planning to take at least two bags (60Kgs in total) of clothes and shoes with me.
    Is there any restrictions on Python, i'd love to take my CL python spikes trainers.
    I will be traveling next week to Melbourne, hopefully things will run smooth there.
    To add, you informed me about the tricky weather there.
    Shall i focus more on Winter clothing when packing or summer clothing (a shors with a legging can do year round).
    Any department store that you recommend to visit to buy some essentials from?
    PS i am going there to study at the University of Melbourne.
    Sorry for going in details but i do not know anyone who ever lived there.
    Thanks Maurice.

    • Pack only what you need, since it's just 14 months not a few years. I'm not sure, you have to check with your airline, most of which only permits 30kgs per standard, and maximum weight per bag is 32kgs.

      Yes, there is restrictions to import python leather goods as it is classified as endangered species. Please read more here


      However, there are many people who had wore the item to the airport. I've spoken to Prada's area manager regarding this matter, he told me lots of his clients bring in their crocs and python Hermes Birkin through carrying them at the airport. They get to pass if so, however I can't guarantee as i've not experience importing or exporting such leather goods.

      You need to focus more on Winter, Summer is just a short period, it will go in a blink of an eye and some days in summer can be awfully cold at night.

      There is this very nice menswear departmental store called Harrolds on Collins Street. They have the clearance store in Crown Casino that offers up to 50% off all items, including some nice Thom Browne stuff. I also heard that Marais has opened a bigger store, this retailer stocks Balmain, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Lanvin and etc like Harrolds, do check them out. For shoes wise there is Sneaker Boy that is relatively new. Other interesting places is Assin which has Krisvanassche, Dior Homme, Ann Demeulemeester…

      For tailoring please read this article


    • Anonymous

      Thank you, i really appreciate your help and to be more precise your detailed help in both replies.
      I think the weather is my biggest concern, i really wanna wear my chain sandals and flower shorts from Givenchy there loooool.
      Currently looking through the apartments there and will probably take an unfurnished one and i will buy the furniture from there.
      I think such things will be easy to deal with and a visit to Ikea will help.
      Hopefully it will be a fruitful experience on both the educational and personal sides.
      Allow me to thank you again for sharing with me your experience in Melbourne.
      All the best.

  • Anonymous

    When will Mr porter international go live.

    • Not tomorrow, but it will start sometime mid of this month if not mistaken.

    • Anonymous

      As for Mr porter, Givenchy gave them the license to open an app on both android and ios devices.
      Givenchy circulated an email to all stores to start the sale at 40%, but when using that application for shopping the sale is exclusive to US customers.
      I believe they have to follow the instructions given by Givenchy and not their own preferences.

    • Yes, the sale date is already set. Just like in-store, and applies online too. Givenchy is quite a strict principal since it is park under the LVMH. USA starts ahead of the rest of the world and MR PORTER has a dedicated program for the USA market, therefore all stocks are divided. What you see that is sold out at the US website may be available for sale in the international website.

  • Anonymous

    Maurice what do you think of the 16.5cm coated cotton cargo biker jeans in black? Would it be too heavy?


    • It will be heavy for sure, but at this price I would recommend the 16.5cm Waxed Coated Ribbed Quilted Biker Jeans


      Cargo features only suit khaki green colours, that is why I did not recommend the coated cargo.

    • Anonymous

      Actually i think the cargo biker in khaki is kinda cool but not sure if it's a good piece to buy or not. Like a piece I'll sell half the price (if not more). What do u think?

    • Its a good piece to buy, the colour is quite seamless with design. Personally don't think the waxed coated will suit this design.

      But if you really want it very badly, then by all means do buy them. I can't comment whether it will go on half price sale in the future judging, however judging by the current Spring Summer 2014 collection, there is a cargo quilted biker that is on sale, but only size 27 left.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the kind recommendations Maurice! I'll definitely look into the 16.5 waxed coated ribbed quilted. It was previously on my list but due to the side strips and quilt; I was somewhat apprehensive as I had a quilted from the previous season and the quilt looked awfully similar to a 'ketupat'. Haha. Will be procuring the white military cotton shirt as well.

      Hopefully the 16.5cm cut will still look good. Never had a 16.5cm cut before. Loved the 16cm cut. The 18cm cut was….baggy for me. Cheers.

    • I think the 16.5cm will fit much better, but will have to study the new size guide first for Fall Winter 2014. Hopefully they have fixed the sizing issues.

  • Anonymous

    collection horrible, does not save any part
    I do not spent nothing of my dollars on

    • It's not that bad, the colours here are quite tastefully selected. And if you already have a existing range of Balmain menswear, any of the above pieces will compliment them well.

  • balmain fw14 mens collection is very average in my opinion. bring back the FW11-FW12!

    • I think its as good as the two collections you have mentioned, the colours here are wonderful. They are as masculine and elegant as the FW12!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Maurice,
    Recently i passed by the Givenchy store in Dubai and they were doing a massive sale at 40% for new collections except for the T-shirts.
    I found this one from FW 2012 and could not resist not to buy it at 250$ after a 55% discount.
    This polo is from FW 2012, i think this collection is one of the strongest by Givenchy for FW.
    To add, from SSENSE i was able to find the Black Rottweiler Print Hoodie in one size left and could not resist not to buy it. Hopefully will receive it in the upcoming days and they confirmed my order and the availability of this hoodie (i am surprised lol).
    PS SSENSE introduced old pieces for sale from Givenchy like cuban fit t-shirt for Rottweiler and angel crest, but with one size left in each and they were sold out in seconds.

    • Wow luck you, there isn't sale here yet at where I live. The funniest part is that they had just received Spring Summer 2014 at the end of last month when the sale started! LOL, im not sure how they are going to offer this collection to be on sale since it is relatively new.

      Thank for sharing your insight!

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, SSense canceled my Rottweiler Hoodie order due to its unavailability.
      I will buy the Grey sweater from this season though i like the Wool one too.
      Do you prefer the cuban fit t-shirt or the oversized?
      Sometimes i feel like the oversized t-shirts are too much to handle.
      If i size down the chest will look perfect but the shoulders will be tight.
      Are they meant to look that oversized?
      Do you know what size the runway models wear?
      Tx Maurice

    • It depends on the print design itself, my personal theory is that if the print design is huge and complicated that spreads all over the t-shirt like the Shark & Mermaid, Birds of Paradise, Fighter and a likes – then it will look good in Columbian-Fit oversize cut.

      If the print's position is composed only at the middle like the African Tribal series in SS14, shark mouth – then it will not look good in oversize as the print only takes minimum which makes the entire t-shirt looks bigger than usual. Therefore I dont recommend.

      For the Rottweiler, it is better to get Cuban-Fit.


  • Anonymous

    Maurice, do you know where i can still buy givenchy 2014 birds of paradise t shirt in cuban fit?

    • Are you looking for the one with purple florals and white stars? If so I know someone who is selling it.

    • Anonymous

      I need one in M oversized or XL cuban.
      Any possibility?

    • Only size M Cuban :(

  • Anonymous
    • here you go! Last place to buy


    • Anonymous

      thanks for the site but im actually looking for cuban fit .Why is it that mrporter/LVR/ssense/matches never bring in this t shirt at all? I've not bought any givenchy from Singapore boutique yet, how is sg boutique pricing compared to LVR and other big site?

    • What size are you looking for? I can find it elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Maurice,
    Is it true that Buscemi trainers run large to size similar to Balenciaga.
    So if i wear a EU 43, i have to order size EU 42.

    • Jon Buscemi himself said it runs true to size.

      I'm not quite fond with the Buscemi sneakers, you're better off with GZ!

  • Anonymous

    I requested the below measurements from LVR.

    "I am pleased to forward you the exact measurements of the GIVENCHY – ROTTWEILER PATCH WOOL SWEATER
    Please note such measurements are taken on the item buttoned and laid flat.
    60I-LBF031 size XL
    Shoulders: 44.5 cm
    Chest: 57.5 cm
    Sleeves: 68.5 cm
    Length: 67 cm"
    Size Xl with a shoulder size of 44.5cm. This is not even close to a cuban fit t-shirt from Givenchy.
    Do they fit small to size? I noticed that wool sweaters from Givenchy tend to have smaller sizes.
    Whereas for Cuban fit sweatshirts, i noticed that you can size down (shoulder size in L:48.5cm
    and XL:50cm).

    Is this one considered a cuban fit.
    And will it fit the same as this.

    I am getting confused with their sizing nowadays….

    • You must understand that the term 'sweater' and ;swweatshirt' is not the same thing. This Rottweiler sweater, will fit better than than the sweatshirt.

      For the Cuban-Fit sweatshirt, it fits large on the chest, big and its not to be mistaken as slim-fit. Cuban-Fit is like regular cut except its bigger than regular. Many people get confused as they think its slim fitted. You can't compare Cuban-Fit t-shirt with sweatshirt, its not the same cut.

      You need to take your true size otherwise the neckhole will be too small as it's the only part of the sweater that is true to size!


  • Anonymous

    hey maurice so i'm looking at the jeans for fall winter 2014. they should have a similar fit from the previous season right? just stick to the same size as my previous balmain jeans?




    just wondering if the 16.5cm jeans from balmain this season are slim/skinny fit. and also if the stretch cotton denim on the 2nd link is also wax coated.

    thanks a lot

    • It will sit between skinny and slim, since everyone has been complaining that the 16cm is tight and the 18cm is baggy, so now there's one that fits in between. I think you should follow the standard, 2 size down…



    • Anonymous

      sorry maurice so are you suggesting i go from size 31 to 29?? the spring summer 2014 slim stretch jeans i have fits nice okay for size 31. so for this fall winter 2014 jeans i should stick to the same size 31 or go down 2 sizes to 29??? shouldn't be too much of a big difference right?

    • It doesnt run true to size, thats why you need to take one or even two sizes down. For this biker I would usually take two sizes down, since Fall Winter 2012 the jeans sizing has gone all wrong. A size 31 stretch cotton biker will fit a size 33.

  • Anonymous

    maurice i wanna make sure are these 2 wax jeans the same for fall/winter one from luis and the other antonioli





  • Anonymous

    hey mauricie will these 2 jeans fit likely the same .




    i'm just deciding if i should get the same size for both one says stretch.

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice i'm torn between the two jeans you have above.



    which pair do you think have more value down the line or will be harder to buy. if you have to pick 1

    • The question you have to ask yourself first is which pair will you wear the most? I would go for black for sure as most of my blazers are black.


  • Anonymous

    dear maurice

    the new BALMAIN – 16.5CM STRETCH COTTON DENIM BIKER JEANS , i've never bought a pair before and the online sites don't mention if this is a slim or straight fit. i tried on a pair before a few years ago but i don't want to order it and it is a straight fit. can you tell me what type of fit i should be received from 16.5 stretch?

    • It's slim fit, the straight fit you have tried a few years back must had been the earlier 18cm classics.

      I would recommend this pair for starters


  • Anonymous

    Does Balmain Paris not ship to the United States? Items/sizes I want are not available at Luisaviaroma but are available from the Balmain webshop but I'm not seeing an option to ship here to the states.

    • It does, but you must be prepared to pay import duty and tax. Simply register yourself, add the items you like and checkout.

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice could i get your help on balmain blazers


    One site is telling me its small to size : so i usually wear 48 so i should go to 50? i have broad shoulders anyway.

    and another site says fits true to size: so 48.

    any ideas on what i should go with in this blazer?

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice any idea on the fit of the biker.


    would a 50 work? go one size up from normal??

    • It fits true to size, but very fitted made for slim-skinny body. If you have broad shoulders, take one size up.


  • Anonymous

    hey maurice could you give me some advice on the size of the new balmain jeans.


    i'm a usual 31 should i go one size down?

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice

    how do the fall winter 2014 jeans fit?


    should i go one size down or stick to my size 31 to a 30?

    • i'm not too sure about this model, I would recommend you to wait for me to post the size guide.

  • Anonymous

    Love that camo detail fur hooded jacket!! But is it just now possible to buy for an American?

    Looks like it's sold out on balmain's site, but maybe they'll restock? Any idea if they'll take off for VAT? I'm curious if I'll get hit over the head by customs going that route.

    • You will have to get them to ship it to someone in Europe, and send over to America by another post. But i'm not familiar with the US customs as it might be quite risky, are you familiar with the import laws? In Australia, these customs will inspect each packages via x-ray when they enter the country, and if the package has suspicious items, they will open it up. For instance, if they find python leather goods, it will be destroyed and the addressee may even be summoned to court!

  • Hi Maurice. Congrats on a great blog.
    I have a size and fit question for the Balmain 2014 fall men's military biker jackets. I'm interested in the military green with shearling collar jacket in a 48. Is it true to size?
    I take a 48 in ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Blazers and jackets and have a 50 in a rick Owens leather jacket.
    Should I get a Balmain jacket in a M 48 or consider the next size up? I'd like to wear it with at shirt and perhaps light knitwear, nothing too heavy. I'm writing from Sydney so it never gets really cold
    Thanks in advance. Brendan

    • Hi Brendan, it fits true to size. You need a size 48.

      You can find the last size here, includes import tax to Australia.


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  • Luke D

    Hey Maurice,

    I recently discovered your blog and I love it, I’ve read almost all articles now and it is everything I was looking for, it couldn’t be better ! Congrats!

    I would have a question however, I am desperately looking for the Military Green Cotton fleece jacket with shearling colar (size XS) and the black waxed cargo biker jeans (size 27) from this collection. Would you know a way to get these pieces, like people willing to sell theirs or a specific reseller from which I could get those in second hand? Because I don’t really know where to look and can’t find good websites selling used designer clothes except for grailed.com or vestiairecollective.fr, but they don’t offer both pieces.

    Thanks in advance !

    • Hey there, unfortunately they no longer offer the Balmain black waxed cargo for this season as it was repeated for two seasons since FW14. For this season, the new waxed cargo is in forest green, you may like to consider this seasonal colour. The first forest green biker was introduced in Balmain Fall Winter 2012, just to give you an idea that it is quite timeless as well.



      Alternatively you may consider the cargo sweatpants which has greater flexibility to match for most occasions.




      As for the shearling collar fleece jacket, I have personally never came across anyone selling their since FW14. Sorry I couldn’t help you much on this.

      Good luck!

      • Luke D

        Many thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

        I really like your suggestions, especially the forest green cargo which I already came across, but as I already have the kaki-green cargo from fw14 I am hesitating to stay in greenish colors for my second balmain jeans. I was thinking I should maybe get something more diversified as by now I do not have many, but I am not sure which one.

        As for the jacket I was also thinking of getting this one in replacement of the shearling collar fleece jacket, the color being far better in reality in my opinion, as well as the jacket in itself which had a really sharp cut and suited me well.


        Do you think it is an interesting piece and a good choice as my first Balmain jacket ? or otherwise which one do you think I should better get ?

        Sorry for having so many questions but I’m kind of new to the world of designers clothes !:)

        Thanks for your advices!

      • Luke D

        Many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

        I really like the pieces you suggested, especially the forest green waxed cargo jeans, which I had already came across. However I already have the kaki-green cargo, so I was wondering if it was a wise choice to stay in greenish colors for my second balmain biker jeans. As I do not have many balmain jeans by now, I am actually not quite sure what I should get for my second pair.

        As for the jacket I was also thinking to get one of these models as a replacement for the shearling collar fleece jacket :



        Do you think they are interesting pieces and a good choice for my first Balmain jacket ? Or would you rather get another one? I was also thinking of waiting for the next collection to buy me a Balmain jacket.

        Sorry for all these questions but I am kind of new to the world of designers clothes, I’ve just started recently to acquire Balmain pieces !:) and I must say your blog is a huge source of inspiration!

        Thanks in advance. Luke