Balmain Fall Winter 2015 Wishlist

2nd June 2015

It is hard to believe that Balmain Homme has just been around since Fall Winter 2009 and still growing strong. As Balmain remains the world’s leading luxury designer with sales reaching 30 million euros in growth and 20% increase in sales per annum, the young creative director Olivier Rousteing has certainly contributed a substantial success to the Parisian powerhouse, so much so that he constantly provides unparalleled designs with newer collections exceeding expectations. Watch ‘Inside Fashion’ interview, BoF’s Imran Amed sits down with Olivier Rousteing and Emmanuel Diemoz to discuss the rise of Balmain and its digital revolution.

Head turning, it is such an overused phrase isn’t it when it comes to describing a distinctive collection, the Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear translates Rousteing’s unique progression in his forth ‘Autome Hiver’ establishment. In this season the designer pursuits the new generation of aristocracy by offering an array of fluidity and elegant line-ups while retaining signature aesthetics balanced from the house’s traditions. Luxury and opulence are key features embedded in the new Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection and after a thorough examination in Luisa Via Roma’s Balmain Fall Winter 2015 men’s pre-order collection, it is definitely not short-lived. Considering the results of desirability from certain pieces such as the Balmain Black Embroidered Cuffs Wool Gabardine Jacket and Balmain Black & Gold Velcro Suede Leather Sneaker yields irresistible aesthetics, all while delivering true luxury.

The eagle eyed amongst you might notice that the latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear resembles fragments of a few predecessor collections, more notably the Balmain Fall Winter 2012 men’s “Russian Imperial Army” and the Balmain Fall Winter 2013 men’s Asian-Eastern thematic. Rousteing took some of the best attributes to render the current aristocracy collection. The difference given is a series of cosmetic changes in the redesigned bomber fur jacket – an ultimate staple for every winter season, military influenced satin-lapel blazer, geometry panelled biker denims in key washes and leather variants, including a diversified collection of his signature sarouel and sweatpants. These changes might sound small but it actually gives this collection an innovative modern appearance, particularly in details administered.

Fortunately, the notion underpinning the latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear is far from main stream at least from now, which means those who are eager to experience it need to be prepared to pay a substantial premium. But the good news is it is not some far-fetched laboratory experiment, it is a comprehensive collection that has been given a series of updated cosmetic changes on both classic and seasonal pieces, yet it still feels every bit as special and true to the hallmarks of the Parisian house as represented. Even though most of the styles has been repeated or eventually turned classic for this season, there are an abundance of new biker denims and sweatpants that comes with features like ribbed leather inserts, double-zippers, along with distressed and destroyed characteristics, so it’s very well diversified. Speaking of which, the Balmain Blue Knee-Destroyed Denim Biker Jeans will definitely be a sell out much like it’s earlier sibling in a lighter blue variant from Spring Summer 2015.

The modern silhouette has made this generation of Balmain Homme remained iconic without sacrificing any presence, the bold panelling bits with contrast materials including the thick military buttons and shimmery embellished zippers certainly do a lot to underline that presence. And that is saying something, because in styling terms, the Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection is a show stopper that proves irresistible, some unique pieces that you want is the best attributes that Balmain has to offer, and if money is not a variable in our decision then you can’t go wrong with the waxed coated pieces, unless you find yourself struggling to dress in one – most prominently the Balmain Dark Green Washed Zipped Cotton Biker Jacket, pairing it with the complementary Balmain 16.5cm Dark Green Coated Nappa Leather Biker Trousers, or the restored Balmain 17cm Black Waxed Coated Denim Biker Panelled Jeans which was last seen in Balmain Spring Summer 2012 mens, also known as Rousteing’s very first Balmain Homme collection.

While the overall Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection is evocative to say the least, some of the minor details like the richly embroidered gold crest and oversized lion patch are traditional techniques evolved from the well-known classic couture spirit, these distinctive characteristics are in congress as part of the permanent feature in Balmain Homme but the result is always fascinating, always thought provoking. And while it looks spectacularly presented, the collection only truly comes to life when worn with the right pieces. However these are premium value pieces at a staggering prices, one would have to evaluate with deep pockets to truly experience, there is a lot of personal preference there as well. Luckily for many of us this is hardly a decision to lose sleep over as the ‘entry-level’ Balmain embroidered pieces costs at least $1,115 – $5,270 depending on your selection.

Finally there is also the question of price. The latest Balmain Fall Winter 2015 menswear collection works out to be more upmarket, shifting it a cut above the competition with a much higher price point than the earlier predecessor collections, but it also has much more interesting and distinctive yet well balanced pieces than the ones you will find in the past, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view. As the new collection goes, I say it is a successful one and it should send the Balmain in a good stead until that newer generation arrive till next year. Pre-order your Balmain Fall Winter 2015 now at Luisa Via Roma, delivers no later by 30th September 2015. Or enjoy complimentary shipping worldwide with current Spring Summer 2015 end of season sale.















































In Motion: Antonioli.eu, Balmain Men’s FW15 Presentation

Future Collection: Balmain Fall Winter 2015 Menswear Collection

Presentation Day: Balmain Fall Winter 2015 Menswear Presentation

Buyer’s Day: Balmain Fall Winter 2015 Showroom Sneak Peek

Recent News: Balmain x H&M Collaboration out on 5 November 2015

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  • Adriano

    Nice selection here, a lot of expensive stuff :)

    I was hoping LVR would have the velvet skaters with golden sole and red accents.. Do you know where I could fin one in a size 40?

    • They do have it, but i’m not sure why they haven’t put it up online. You can see it here with the red geometric biker… http://bit.ly/1Ija7W3

      I guess they will likely market it for sale sometime in the mid season when part of the inventory has been sold out. As for now, there is only the plain black with no tassels but with the same golden sole you can find at Antonioli.


  • Robert

    I just love the Balmain knee destroyed jeans! They are the prefect pair for 2015

    Would you recommend to get the blue or the black pair? I didn’t quite like the lighter blue for ss15 as it is not easy to match. But I’m so glad Balmain remade it in more wearable colours!

    Well done and well written as always.

    • It really depends what do you current have in your wardrobe. If you wear more blacks like me then the black wash will definitely be a wiser choice. But do consider the characteristics as well, while black might be sleek the washed biker is quite ‘rugged’ look and it is more skewed to the casual appearance rather than elegance.


      If you wear navy, khaki, greys more often then the blue biker is definitely meant for you. I guess the final decision is up to your final evaluation.


  • Anonymous


    You are absolutely right, the new collection is a blend of the past. But I’m very glad Balmain has brought back the red bikers for this season as I’ve missed out earlier..

    Which particular bikers will you be getting this season?

    • I’m looking at the black washed knee destroyed biker jeans, since I have sold the minor distressed biker a few years ago because of the large fit. Personally I dont wear much blues, so I think this will be a good choice.


  • James

    So much want!!! Great write up, keep it up on the reviews :)

  • Jkarish

    The best part of this season are those metallic golden sole sneakers, other than that I kinda like the leather cotton sweatpants but they are way too expensive… I would hav consider it if it was around a 1000 bucks, but for 2k?! Hell no…

    • Yes i’m surprised Balmain chose to price it above $2,000 for a pair of sweatpants, although it has a unique leather insert feature. But still does not justify the premium pricing. And I won’t be surprise to see a similar version mix with denim instead in the near future. Perhaps it will be around 2.5k by then…

  • Andy


  • Dominique

    Absolutely enticing! This collection truly captures balmain’s legacy <3



  • Jeremy Wayne

    I think it will be a great choice for my first Balmain piece. :)

    • My guess it is true to size like the spring summer 2015 edition, if you want it you should buy it now because the previous version sold out pretty quick, probably the best seller among the entire collection. Destroyed denims are in trend now because of Hedi, it would make a great piece if it fits your style.


  • Rafael

    I’m loving the balmain green washed biker jacket, it reminds me of what captain america would wear when he is off duty 😛 The first shearling fur jacket looks really good, but the rest seems to have been shown before.. like you said, it resembles AW13

    And if I had loads of money I would buy everything!

    • I’m loving it as well!!! And can’t agree more that it reminds us very much of what a heroic character would wear in the movies. So many pretty things yet so little money to spare…