Balmain Spring Summer 2015 Wishlist

10th December 2014

Rousteing’s high-priced circuit rush sportswear was very evident in Balmain Spring Summer 2015 menswear when Luisa Via Roma launched the new pre-order collection a week ago. A refreshing string of intensified mono and colour block with striped panelled geometric looks grappled the designer’s distinct trademark. I would say roughy 50% of pure Balmain still resembles in these outfits, but heavily subdued in comparison to the previous Balmain Fall Winter 2014 glamazon boys safari collection which reference closely with the formalities. Yesterday’s harden militant, rock ‘n’ roll, and playful chic biker looks that we got used through the years along with luxury and elegance is dead in the water for now. Shop the Balmain Fall Winter 2014 men’s end of season sale at SSENSE while you can.

Aesthetically, it was a welcoming change to a look due for a bit of evolution, but don’t expect subtle changes here for the upcoming fleet of spring summer sportswear inspired wear, as most of the entire collection has been revolutionized. Olivier Rousteing’s is expanding the creative limits of a thriving Parisian menswear driven solely through a fantasy theme and directed through an established paradigm, he also mentioned earlier that the current collection was more of ‘him than ever’. It was difficult to determine where the energies had been spent on this partisanship collection which lacked the Parisian house’s emphatic signature.

Sadly to say, there are certain pieces you should definitely avoid buying at all cost! As I have heard many horrific opinions expressing equal disappointment towards the collection, in particular the sweat-series with drawstring feature that resembles the likes of childrenswear, such as the Balmain Navy & Red Double-Breast Embroidered-Badge Hooded Sweat Jacket and Balmain Navy & Red Contrast Panelled Biker Sweatpants. These pieces may look edgy at a first glance, but truly speaking, they look far less polished compared to the outgoing leopard and camouflage series. Further common criticism includes the earth-shattering shift, an overambitious future-seventies sportswear proposition that is insignificant to our time and lacks general desirability. Learn more about the Balmain Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection.
Despite this, there are some pretty cool two-tone, tri-tone variants worthy of a second look as the complementary monocolor blocking illustrates an iconic statement. Here are some of the most desirable of its kind, the Balmain Two-Tone Contrast Teddy Varsity Leather Jacket – an exquisite style-proof college jacket that will likely be acquired by a myriad of celebrities and fervent admirers in the upcoming Spring Summer 2015. Pair this jacket with the matching Balmain Black Two-Tone Contrast Panelled Biker Leather Pants to complete a magnetic aesthetic. One of my favorite tops available in Luisa Via Roma that I am seriously considering to get is the Balmain Two-Tone Striped Contrast Jacquard Button Detail Sweater, it has an exaggerative monoblock knit arrow striped panelling across that initiates a divine visual effect along with its brand distinct shoulder button detailing.
And how could can one not find love in the classic denim biker jeans category? I’ve found one of the sports inspired series quite to my liking, yes its true that I find it quite attractive, the Balmain 17cm White Two-Tone Contrast Striped Panelled Denim Biker Jeans is what I am looking at, it has a minimalist approach with classic stain details that will add a refreshing edition to my current Balmain denim biker jeans collection. If you want a denim biker jeans that speaks from this collection, then the Balmain Yellow Tri-Tone Contrast Striped Panelled Denim Biker Jeans is for you, this mustard yellow racer is selling out quick compared to the red and blue variant, though it sort of resembles a ‘Kill Bill’ jumpsuit and somehow reminds me of the nostalgic Lego bricks. These are probably some of the best examples pieces you can buy from Luisa Via Roma’s Balmain pre-order collection that includes the seasonal sportswear adaption while retaining likeable formalities. Surprisingly, there is an absence of the Navajo beaded embellished jackets that I was looking forward to.On a positive note, there are a few supreme pieces that share common features with one of the current hottest Parisan labels at the moment. The Balmain Black Lace-Up Detail leather Biker Jacket with its excessive lace strings details looks like a pick-up from Hedi Slimane’s womenswear and Balmain 17cm Light Blue Destroyed Stretch Denim Biker Jeans with knee ripped certainly portrays an aggressive charm that questions the similarity of referencing Saint Laurent’s rock ‘n’ roll cowboy’s trademark aesthetics. As for the rest, well it’s forgiven. I love ‘part’ of this collection because of its drastic changes, yet hate it for how it could some of the designs be associated with such a prominent brand. Either way, it is going to be bought by people who will enjoy wearing these seasonal pieces and will be loved by those who are willing to accept its imperfections that money can buy. Pre-order your Balmain Spring Summer 2015 now at Luisa Via Roma, or checkout the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 pre-order collection.

Luisa Via Roma $5,115 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,785 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $6,140 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,170 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,965 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $860 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $715 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $490 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $615 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,105 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,615 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,390 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,390 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,330 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,370 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,760 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,390 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,495 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $940 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,070 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,595 – BUY IT NOW


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  • Anonymous

    thanks for updates
    for me it's one of the ugliest collection for balmain…

    • Same goes with SS13. There are some drawbacks, and i'm quite disappointed with majority of the collection. However, there is a few pieces that i've selected above which is quite unique worthy of a second look.

    • Anonymous

      obv i were too rude, there are some jeans cool…
      the aztec t shirt and the blue shirt are nice too
      the red leather jacket is nice ( the 4260euro jacket)
      and all the 10k+ jackets …
      iam little happy for saving my money :)

    • Some of the denim biker jeans are quite attractive, i'm seriously considering to get the white with black striped biker denims. But not sure whether I will regret as the prices has drastically increased this year.

      As of the leather jackets, as much as I love them, its not feasible to buy as where I live is like a sauna. LOL

      It's good that you're saving your money. Only buy what truly attracts your opinion, theres so much choices given to consumers now that we all can wait for the best!

    • Anonymous

      yeap this is what i try to do buy only things what i really like…
      i were asking myself why you sell the indigo blue balmain jeans, because it's a classic ( and easy to wear)
      i love jackets that's why i like to buy jackets of old colections…
      peace see you++
      i am sick for you, if where you live you can't wear it….maybe you can try those washed cotton denim jackets from balmain or satin bombers from saint laurent…(if it's too hot in your countrie)

    • I'm selling it because I bought it in the wrong size, I have two pairs with me now. :( Do you know anyone who is keen in getting it?

      I wanted to get the Saint Laurent Teddy Varsity Jacket in Black with white stripes, but wasn't fast enough because I was considering how practical it was. After all, its from fall winter and i've tried it in singapore and it felt quite warm. Now, I regret not getting it. Looks like I will have to wait till Fall Winter 2015.

      I'm more of a blazer person to be honest, I love street style with elegance.

    • Anonymous

      if i know someone for you jean i will tell you…
      don't regret for the varsity jacket because saint laurent will repop this jacket in fw2016…
      Maybe you can find it in sale or in other color….
      if it's hot why don't you buy the ss version?
      i search some old blazer:
      those dercarnin blazer with big metal eagle , and the others with 3 metals pins
      and the ss2012 balmain blazer.
      see you ++

    • I only like the lack with white leather shoulder stripes, the navy blue has black shoulder stripes which doesnt distinct itself as much as the black one. I was offered to buy the navy blue earlier, but didn't like it as much compared to the black.

      The SS versions seems to be more 'season', this year was the satin teddy's, they look too 'costume' like, I saw a few people wearing it in Japan. They are distinct, but looks like what a 'pimp' would wear. Lol

      I'm looking for a particular blazer from the FW2011 collection, it is a double breasted navy blue blazer, another one is in dark turquoise single breast with military buttons. So far i've havent seen any of these for sale since 2012. They are quite popular…

    • Anonymous

      there is also the red or black leopard version of fw bombers saint laurent very nice…
      when you go in japan did you search your fw2011 blazers? Maybe you have chance to see it for sale…
      i would love to go in japan for enjoying and shopping… but at this time i am kind of busto broke. what kind of money do you think i have to take for going there?
      sorry for my english.
      see you ++

    • I went to Osaka this year, not much chance there but Tokyo has the best stuff, lots of Balmain, lots of super duper rare limited exclusive editions. I love Tokyo, its the best place to find pre-owned stuff, cuz they take real good care and its pretty reasonably priced.

      You need budget a lot if you want to shop. Because theres so many things to buy…

    • Anonymous

      obviously i want to go to tokyo.
      i want to buy preowned stuff if i ind some really nice pieces…
      but i want to sell them some stuff that i don't wear anymore…
      do you have some troubles to explain yourself in english there??
      do you find easily good shop?
      did the japanese are friendly to foreigners?
      sorry for all these questions :)

    • If you trade in there, they will only offer you 10-20% of the actual market value price. This is because they have other cost to incur, such as rent, wage, storage and etc. It's not worth trading in your luxury goods in Japan. :(

      Theres no trouble going around Tokyo, its very easy to navigate around. But you might find it difficult to locate some stores, as they are usually inside a 6 story shop lot. So you will also need to plan ahead.

      Overall Japanese are ok, they are friendly if you are the shopper, but as a tourist at tourist areas, the general public arent so friendly. I find they get annoyed when I ask them to take a photograph of me and my girlfriend.

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the advices.
      so i need to go there only for shopping and not selling clothe…
      see you++

  • Anonymous

    Are those open toes boots available?!

    • I didn't include them in my wishlist, because honestly speaking… they are so ugly and overpriced! :/

      You will be better off with a Burberry Prorsum Gladiator Sandals from SS11, if you still can find them on eBay.

    • Anonymous

      Gladiator sandals i have tons, including the ones from givenchy's SS10 and the palladio ones from SS13, even tho this ones are not gladiator.

    • You have the gladiator from Givenchy SS10? Is it the studded ones? Because I have them too, but havent had the time to talk about it.

  • Anonymous

    This whole collection is garbage. Won't sell, absolutely uninspiring and a stark reminder that consumers are not slaves. You can't just sell us anything because we love the brand. You must make an effort to spark our creative spirits, not bore us with your non-sensical boyhood dreams. This collection speaks nothing to our current times. It does not say classic, it says "look at me, I'm racing into the future with the 70's strapped to my back…" Boring, boring, boring.

    • We share the same sentiments and hope Balmain will do so for FW15. I guess this is because the outgoing FW14 collection is strongly related to the core formalities – biker, military, and rock 'n' roll with the leather and leopards. Therefore the designer has decided to go with his own instinct, it will be interesting to see how the collection will perform when it hits the stores.

      Surprisingly some of the colour block wear are selling out quite quickly, such as the yellow biker in my wishlist.

    • Anonymous

      Valid points as I just had a chance to read through your write up – dead on. My point here is that there is an enormous amount of pressure top down to sell collections at higher margins as more and more brands are seeping into the consumers loyalty…this seems to be forcing some designers in a corner and I hate to see young Olivier try to punch his way out with a big swing that ultimately may leave him compromised. He mentioned this collection is more "him"…and that may be great for new comers to Balmain, but they are not the loyalists, they are jumping on the "hype" and may not stick around. Unfortunately for Olivier, those of us who are real loyalists, we, are more interested in the collection that is "more Balmain" and as a designer he should be careful of staying true to the brand, and the loyalists who support it – as ultimately only they will decide if his vision is championed or not. Guys like us. Since Decarnin. Great chatting Maurice, keep it up. @RaahToronto

    • Let's see what FW15 has to offer, I always presume Rousteing would always be more ambitious when it comes to SS collection. As you can see from historically since SS12. But he has his strengths too, particularly in designing outwear. Most of this jackets are very distinctive and has been replicated by many designers, you can see so many of his styles are being offered at the highstreets now.

      I'm just curious to see how SS15 will aspire and influence global designers, lets see how it goes.

  • Anonymous

    Oliver Kardashian, I mean Rousteing, needs to stop hanging around Hollywood and go back to doing his job.. This entire collection is beyond terrible and comes off as a bit flamboyant and extremely unwearable. Ruining menswear entirely for Balmain. We miss you Decarnin…off to Saint Laurent we go…

    • But Saint Laurent is mostly flamboyant too, no? The only masculine part I can see is the 'biker' range which seems to be dominated over by the 'western cowboys' in SS15.

    • Anonymous

      Totally switched too. NO Balmain for me this season. Looks ridiculous IMHO. Sorry, don't want to offend people but I am very disappointed in Balmain. Olivier has been too much 'Kardashian groupie' not a designer.

      I went Rick Owens and some Saint Laurent for new season.

    • Actually I kind of like "some" of the Balmain SS2015 menswear, and even the Balmain SS2015 womenswear is superb! I'm looking at the ones on my wishlist now, the two-tone contrast leather jacket is to die for, arrow sweater and even the black and white striped biker jeans is nicely executed. I'm hoping to buy the entire look for this season, as for the rest… save it for Saint Laurent and Rick Owens 😛

  • Anonymous

    I feel the biker jeans has come to a stage where they need to complete redesign. The Stripe is not bad but everything else is much of the same.

    BTW with your indigo biker jeans, what size did you get? You mentioned its 1 or 2 size smaller.

    Also did you ended finding a good sole protector for your sneakers? All the stick on that I have tried is pretty useless.

    • The biker jeans is being redesigned every season, in new styles, washed, distressed and colours. That is why we get to choose either to opt for the classic or seasonal collection. It comes and goes, some people like the seasonal ones because they have been getting the classics since Decarnin era. I feel that there is an abundance of choices as compared to the previous years…

      I have two pairs we me now, that why I am selling the size 30 as it fits 31-32. Do you know anyone who is keen in getting mine? :(

    • Anonymous

      nobody will buy it for you price. 950$?
      I just buy the new one on luisaviaroma
      Sell it for 500$ and maybe you will be lucky

    • Anonymous

      "did you ended finding a good sole protector for your sneakers?" I'd like to find out about this one as well. Thanks!

  • Hey Maurice, Whats the quality of production of Balmain? I noticed on my jacket it says made in Turkey and I'm aware all of the leather is made in Turkey. I'm planning on getting another jacket from Balmain but I don't want to fork out loads of cash on something thats 'ok' quality.

    • Materials are high-end grade, but built quality wise is just up to the luxury standard, not the best in the world like Brioni, Loro Piana, etc. But you can't compare Balmain with these brands that cherish heritage in workmanship.

      Overall I would say, you're paying more for the brand than the quality itself. But hey, it goes the same with all other brands. That how they make their profit.

  • Anonymous

    hi Maurice, happen to have the fit guide for the jeans? can't seem to find any on it on your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Uninspired. Disappointing. Cheap looking. I like Olivier. I think he has a great eye for women's collection. But unlike Christophe, mens feels like it's an afterthought. I've moved on to Rick Owens and Saint Laurent for my daily wear. I'm hoping FW15 shines for Balmain but I'm not confident

    • I guess I kind of hate and like this collection at the same time, you're not the only one who has moved on to other brands. Have a second look, there are some pretty good pieces here that can compliment Rick Owens and Saint Laurent.

      Fervent hope for Rousteing in making FW15 a success.

  • Anonymous

    How does the biker jacket fit? I am particularly interested in the FW14 camouflage cotton biker jacket but do not know the fit. If I am a size 48 in Givenchy blazers or size 46 in Givenchy bomber jackets, should the Balmain be a size M or L?

    • It varies, most of the dressed blazers with satin lapels, biker leather jackets, and heavy wool peacoats fits small in size, usually we will take one size bigger. But sweat jackets in particular fits larger in size, so a size XS or S will fit a size M due to the loose fit design nature. Can you show me which particular jacket you are looking at?

  • Anonymous


    This camo jacket in the first photo of your above blog.

    • These are the measurements,

      S (shoulder width 42cm / Width 46.5cm / Length 59cm / sleeve length 65cm)
      M (shoulder width 42.5cm / Width 48.5cm / Length 61cm / sleeve length 67cm)

      It fits true to size but very fitted, recommend 1 size up if you have wide chest.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice, Im planning on getting a pair of Balmain sneakers but I know nothing about their sizing. So, how do they fit, Im usually a 9 in Nike. Thanks !

    • They fit true to size, you need a size 42 for US size 9

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am an avid follower of your blog. In the sale section you mention that the Louboutin's you are selling come with sole protectors. Can you please tell me what kind of sole protectors you use? I plan on using them with couple of my sneakers. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi there, these are custom made by me. There are not for commercial sale at all. :(

      Regret for the late reply.

    • Anonymous

      How do you make them? What materials do you use? Are they any good? Thanks!

    • It's a trade secret…