Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Wishlist

11th June 2014
Layering in Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 is the primary cornerstone of style. Much like the antecedent Givenchy fall winter seasons, there is no surprise to see a shortfall of prints as the entire fall winter collection is predominantly focused on the art of layering. This season presents numerous geometric and silhouette references from the Bauhaus art momentum towards basketball inspired equipment and court lines heavily influenced not just from the sport itself, but the various cultural tribes that creative director Riccardo Tisci believes exist among the youth culture. Read more about the Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection here.

The main design from this season derives from the basketball itself, there are speculations that the material print based design – the Givenchy Brown Basketball Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt is the iconic print of the season, and will take off as much like the Givenchy Gray Baseball Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt from Fall Winter 2013, predicts to share similar success in the marketplace. And if you’re a fanatic of this brand, why not team up the sweatshirt with the Givenchy Black Possom-Fur Hooded Cotton Canvas Puffer Jacket that could be transformed into a variety of styles as the sleeves and lower panel can be detached to be made into a casual sleeveless-jacket.

Evident basketball inspirations translated into footwear category includes the Givenchy Star-Detail Basketball Tyson Leather High-Top Sneaker, which features the orange-brown ball material replicated within the shoe itself, an explicit detailing that will draw remarkable attention including the stars appliqué velcro ankle straps. Tailored focus button down shirts with a touch of exquisite detailing includes the Givenchy Metal-Insert Collar-Detail Cotton Poplin Shirt that was extracted from Fall Winter 2013, now available in black-inserts. There is an extraordinary white cotton shirt that has been assembled through careful precision, zipped embellishments depicting the basketball’s grooves has influenced the creation of the frankenstein Givenchy Basketball Zipped Cotton Columbian-Fit Shirt. For those who would wish to live within the comfort zone can choose the Givenchy Multicolour Abstract Basketball Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt that has a graphic brush artwork inspired from the basketball sport movements, alternatively available in a Columbian-Fit T-Shirt in black.

While fall winter lies heavily focused on layering and the experimentation of special materials, the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 menswear collection is currently feeding off it’s main graphic print — the Elmerinda and Rottweiler. Both prints were earlier introduced in Spring Summer 2009 and Pre-Fall 2011 has been remade into fame! So much so that the Givenchy Elmerinda Tattoo Gotika Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt has been sold out within a few days of availability at Luisa Via Roma, and now has been replenished with a Columbian-Fit cut. The Elmerinda is one very special print that features many undisclosed characteristics expressed by the creative designer himself, the name ‘Elmerinda’ was given by Riccardo Tisci’s mother’s first name. The tattoo script feature across the collar-bone in Spanish phrase “El Dolor Pasa La Dignidad Perdura” translates to “Pain Passes, but Dignity Lasts,” or “Pain is fleeting, while dignity endures.” there is something along those lines that is little known.

Luisa Via Roma $6,410 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,120 – BUY IT NOW

Click here to see Maurice’s entire Givenchy PF14 and FW14 wishlist!!!

Luisa Via Roma $2,785 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,735 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $795 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,745 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $570 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,785 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,055 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,435 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,055 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $695 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,090 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $6,330 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $815 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,170 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $895– BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $570 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $495 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,950 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,870 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $570 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,130 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,995 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,195 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,195 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,050 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,025 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $895 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $875 – BUY IT NOW


In Motion: Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Menswear PFW-FW14

PF14 Footwear: Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 Footwear Collection

PF14 Accessories: Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 Accessories

Disclosed Collection: Givenchy Fall Winter 2014 Collection Sneak Peek

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  • Anonymous

    Luisa Via Roma $1,950

    I enjoyed it but spatially expensive

    • It is priced the same as the Givenchy Stars & Beads Applique Cotton Shirt, should have gotten it much earlier.

      Regret that I did not buy it :(

  • Anonymous

    I contacted LVR they said that the Givenchy Bambi Backpack is made in Romania.
    Previously you stated that the new backpacks are made in China.

    • Most of the accessories collections are Made in China. I'm not sure, the Bambi from PS13 was made there.

    • Anonymous

      I have a bag from Givenchy.
      There is no tag in it to know where it made from.
      I tried to look inside the bag and got nothing.

    • Anonymous

      I found the tag inside the inner pocket.
      It says made in Romania.
      It seems they are producing their bags over there.
      Top notch quality and i really love this about Givenchy.
      Regardless the country of manufacture, their products are delivered at the best quality at all times.

    • Good one, im still hunting for the old SS09 collection where it is made in France and has that sick glossy-rectangular shape embellishments on the strap.

      Givenchy no longer make these as they are mass producing standardised backpacks with with newer prints. :(

    • Anonymous

      Tx Maurice
      Can you share a pic for the bag you are talking about.
      Appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Since we are talking about backpacks which one you prefer.
    The white stars on the Rottweiler look way too simple and basic.
    I prefer the Elmerinda stars more of 3D.

    • I prefer the Rottweiler, it is the current signature.

      Not everyone will recognise the Elmerinda. It may be great this season, but we dont know what about next. The Rottweiler has been embedded in the fashion world so deep that everyone instantly recall the brand – Givenchy.


      Then again it is up to you to choose.


    • Anonymous

      Tx Maurice,
      My only issue is with the stars on the Rottweiler bag.
      But i totally agree with you.
      Givenchy and Rottweiler are related.

  • Anonymous


    • Most jeans are mid to low waist, I havent come across high waist jeans fro a long while, only trousers and pants. :(

  • Anonymous

    I contacted L'Inde Le Palais for this item's fit.
    They replied:
    This is not a classic t-shirt so it's neither a Columbian nor a Cuban fit. Of course we don't have it yet so we cannot give you measures, but my colleagues tell me that it should fit as a regular long-sleeved t-shirt.
    What a firm reply loool.
    It seems to me it has an oversized fit.
    What do you think?

    • Looks like oversize but i'm as lost as L'inde Le Palais. You should wait for your size to arrive then ask them again.

      Otherwise, the best is to contact Givenchy sales directly through email. They will know best!

  • Anonymous

    What is the science behind the Givenchy sizing.
    And This
    Both in size Medium and both claimed to be Columbian fit = Oversize fit as per LVR website.
    The Rottweiler fits smaller liek size small in the Robot print one.

    • Have you already bought and receive the rottweiler sweatshirt?

    • Anonymous

      Yes i did from Selfridges.
      I bought the grey one.
      It is relaxed fit and not oversized.
      I have both ibn medium now (the Rottweiler and the Robot).
      Big difference in the sizing, specially in the shoulders part and the ches is slimmer.

    • So do you mean the Rottweiler fits like Cuban fit?

    • Anonymous

      I just purchased the robot sweater you posted in a size small as it stated designed for a loose fit, take the next size down.
      I like wearing a L in Cuban T shirts (more baggy) sometimes a M and now i'm a bit worried. It seems Givenchy sizing is all over the place and different websites claim different things.
      Guess i'll have to wait and see when it arrives

    • Anonymous

      From LVR
      I am pleased to forward you the exact measurements of the GIVENCHY – ROTTWEILER PRINTED COTTON SWEATSHIRT (60I-LBF022) has a Columbian fit, the Oversize fit for Givenchy.
      Please note such measurements are taken on the item buttoned and laid flat.
      60I-LBF022 Size L
      Shoulders: 50cm
      Chest: 61cm
      Sleeves: 68cm
      Lenght: 69.5cm

      Mine is medium and i took the measurements of the shoulders and it is 48cm.
      48 cm for shoulder in size medium is never considered to be oversized.
      I thin it is between Cuban fit and Columbian fit i.e. relaxed fit.

    • tell me the difference in the chest width, dont compare it with shoulders as it varies. The most important is the chest measurement.

  • Anonymous

    Love that fur puffer jacket. And of course its not available to purchase in the US from LVR according to the link :(. May have to go overseas for that one:)

    • It's restricted to Europe and the UK market only. Reason is because countries like USA and Australia has import restrictions to endangered species. The possum fur is the highlight of this restriction.

      You either will have to ask a friend in Europe to buy and bring it to you personally through flight or go there and buy it and bring it back yourself. Theres always a risk in custom seizure but less when you are already wearing it. If you ship by postage there is high risk of confiscation as it is illegal, and the parcel will be destroyed by the customs :(

  • Anonymous

    Loving this sweater http://images.luisaviaroma.com/Big60I/LBF/065_4d262d43-4d7d-4190-b1a9-5ad03cb0d3d5.JPG

    Shame about the second ones high price though, not sure if this would ever reach the sales but it would be nice to get something different without a graphic print on the front :)

    • Its actually nice indeed to see how others would appreciate the classic tartan and detailed design wear than the prints. I believe they will sell well, maybe the tartan will make it to sale but I doubt the zip-detail sweatshirt will. As there is a pool of customers that appreciates this design.

  • Givenchy sizing uhh…

    I just managed to secure my size small Rottweiler jumper in black from Harvey Nichols – selling out like hot cakes in Europe, here are my thouhts:

    I tried on the fire print jumper which was on sale (reduced to £450ish from £900 < !!!) and size small was ever so slightly too small – short at the wrists/hands. Size medium was perfect fitting.

    However in the Rottweiler sweater size medium it had the noticeably more relaxed in comparing with the small – which fitted perfectly. Both look good because most of my bottom wear has a slim silhouette but in the end I opted for the more fitted look.

    Here is me trying medium – notice seam lines at shoulders:

    Here is small (what I got):

    For reference I am 5"10, broad shoulders – 38" chest 30" waist 75kg and usually in clothes (bar Givenchy – this is my first thing from them) I always take size 38/medium.

    • Looks damn good on you mate! Fits you very well!

    • Anonymous

      hey maurice is the black rottweiler sweater here the same sizing as the grey one??
      it doesn't look oversize? i'm about a little bit taller than randeep.

      i was considering getting a xs grey sweater rottweiler but now i'm not too sure, stick to small? or is grey one more oversized.? i always wear xxs colombian and cuban fit medium.

      :( what do u think

    • Anonymous

      so would you recommend me sticking with a small for the grey rotweiler this season?? if i'm like 6ft and 75 kg around same as randeep.

    • If youre not too sure, then its better to get size S. Personally I havent tried this sweater, but it is columbian fit therefore the size I would take is size XS.

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice i never bought a cuban fit size before but i'm about the same size as you i believe.

    180cm / 6ft

    75kg / slimish

    should i go for a medium or large? i'm thinking small is too small i usually wear xxs or xs columbian fit.

    • what is your shirt size in numeric?

  • Anonymous

    maurice the grey GIVENCHY Rottweiler sweatshirt for this season

    i wear xxs columbian and medium cuban fit. i've never bought a givenchy sweater before, i read the above post. he mentions it is relaxed fit? should i go with medium or small this season?

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice this might be some old news but i'm booking at the baseball print jersey sweatshirt.


    they have all the sizes available. i'm a xxs colombian and about s/m in cuban

    any idea if i should stick to a small? or xs

    thanks i'm about 180 cm and skinny guy.

  • Anonymous

    maurice i will be ordering the grey rotweiller sweatshirt, i have a xs baseball sweater from givenchy.

    people are saying the sizing is screwed up? should i get a small instead??

    • It's oversize, take your normal size.



    • Anonymous

      so you mean stick with xs. because i am confused with the person above lol.

      ' Both in size Medium and both claimed to be Columbian fit = Oversize fit as per LVR website.
      The Rottweiler fits smaller liek size small in the Robot print one.

    • Stick to XS. Its designed as oversize therefore the retailers wants you to take your normal size. of course if nobody takes their normal size then how are they going to sell the L and XLs?

  • Anonymous

    maurice i'm planning on getting a rottweiler cuban fit t-shirt.

    i have never bought a cuban fit before, i have 3 colombian fit tees xxs/xs should i go with a medium for cuban fit or small? about 6 ft and skinny

    • Im not sure, its hard to justify just by providing this information. Maybe you can let me know what general size you take for a normal t-shirt therefore I can advise a more accurate size?

    • Anonymous

      hey maurice generally i wear a medium in most brands tshirts.

      balmain tshirts i'm a medium ? about 180cm and 75kg.

      any suggestions, will a medium be like a xs in columbian? i have broad /wide shoulders though

    • You should go for Cuban Fit size M. It more of a regular fit, not slim fit. Shoulders fit to size like Balmain t-shirts.

      I just bought it yesterday, will be receiving by this week and hopefully blog about it by next week :)

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