Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Wishlist

19th June 2015

As Givenchy Pre-Fall 2015 and Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 is set upon us, the deliberation of Riccardo Tisci’s enthralled menswear collection for both seasons has echoed through a myriad of conversations ever since it was presented almost half a year ago. Much like every upcoming season, Givenchy has not only developed several diversified styles with an innovative appeal, but further continues to increase its inventory levels. This has resulted the brand in growing more confident through time after witnessing a high surge in demand since Fall Winter 2012, which has lead to rising inventories as part of the brand’s strategic expansion across the globe.

And in this season there seems to be no short of it, although I must divulge that the ever-popular Givenchy Rottweiler Print Cuban-Fit T-Shirt for Pre-Fall 2015 has almost been completely sold out by the time I have written this. Just by taking a glance in detail over both pre and main collections offered from Luisa Via Roma in the most recent pre-order release, one could simply be overwhelm or distress from the amount of choices largely available in an array of motifs and styles, which may or may not be a good thing.

The infamous Rottweiler might be almost half a decade old but its menacing presence has aged quite gracefully, and in the latest Pre-Fall 2015 collection there’s a new detailed variant in embroidery that highlights every bit of the old traditional print. Available in two distinct fits, Cuban and Columbian, the Cuban-Fit sells out at a heartbeat with only large remaining sizes, and these elements have always set the initial impression in resurging a particular design. Speaking of resurgence, I was lucky enough to have picked up the Givenchy Black Stars & Beads Appliqué Shirt earlier from L’Inde le Palais many thanks to a Singaporean reader here who had informed me that they had it available for pre-order. It made me think twice before I made the official checkout just under a split second, since it was introduced back in Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 menswear collection, it belong to a series that is as ancient in the fashion universe as it sounds. The most fascinating history of this shirt is that there weren’t any existing owners selling them off to the pre-owned market. I am very glad that I have bought it, with the additional 10% off for new customers on top of the non-EU taxed pricing, it would be very difficult to resist not getting one especially when there were only 3 sizes available and limited to 1 per size.

That said, the thing that really turns heads for this season is the spooky Givenchy Black Skull Print T-Shirt, I would prefer the skulls at the lower waist than the neckline alternative. Indeed this is a top that has the appearance that will question opinions and even scare small children, it has a dark iconic presence that is peculiar towards Tisci’s legacy but its anything but subtle, instead it is unashamedly wicked with its imposing stacks of skull heads and seems to fit the “cursed objet d’art” in an ideal context just by observing its understated credentials. For a much darker approach, I would pick the Givenchy Skull Print Long Poplin Shirt that features an enlarged reverse skull print and exaggerated length unique to this season, lining the body with an elongated sense of structure.

Perhaps the most distinguish print that is currently attainable and should be seriously considered is the Givenchy Star & Monkey Print Sleeveless T-Shirt. During its initial inception, minor snippets of the mystery print were showcased across the runway and has since undergone substantial speculation, presuming it being the next “Rottweiler” replacement. The graphic print that features two monkey’s teeth’s amulet below a single star coding was later unveiled by Riccardo Tisci himself, in a sweatshirt variant – yet to be released later in the season. While its similar sibling, the Givenchy Rooster & Monkey Voodoo Print Sleeveless T-Shirt invokes a vector silhouette which houses an enraged monkey collaged in an inescapable voodoo vibe leaves no compromises in a distinct style appeal intrinsic to the Givenchy label. At the moment, these sleeveless printed t-shirts are quite well received, especially the Givenchy Rooster & Monkey Voodoo Print Sleeveless T-Shirt which is almost sold out to those who are eager to experiment the latest street-edge style.

The Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 menswear’s main print is the Native American Carpet motif in striking Tuscan colourway represented in a small proportion of tailored selection. The Native American Carpet is perhaps one of the most distinct hallmark motif amongst the collection, derived from an exclusive expression recollected from the designer’s discoveries of subcultures, the motif accentuates through a powerful silhouettes in tailored wool jackets, coats, shirts, and pairing trousers, occasionally offered in smattering sequins only for those who are able to dig deep into their wallet’s wildest fantasies. And for this season I wouldn’t miss getting the Givenchy Native American Carpet Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt as part of my seasonal collection, unlike the past season where I’ve missed out in attaining the main Givenchy Black Gypsophila Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt because of some Instagram resell who could not deliver one after making the payment, this serves as a lesson to only trust and purchase from reputable retailers.

In terms of accessories and footwear, this season sees an abundance of high-end leather wear with metal embellished pieces taking the spotlight. From leather pouches, to all-rounded studded belts, and distinct footwear pieces. If given a single choice, I would go for the Givenchy Brown & Black Metal & Swarovski Crystal Studded Swiss Sandals, this fancy footwork emphasizes aggressive detailing with contrast leather reinforcements that is just a joy to look at. For those who are more conservative can opt for the modern interpreted Givenchy 45mm Black Rottweiler Chain-Detail Lace-Up Leather Shoes. The new footwear has been altered in proportion and is quite substantially improved over its predecessor to fit the contemporary market, additional to this it is also available in a mid-cut boots variant at matching prices to compare. These are perhaps one of the most unmistakable footwear reminisce to the Givenchy Fall Winter 2011 menswear collection. Back then only a handful of people were able to afford the renowned quintessential knee-high boots that were taken right off the runway which was produced limited in production and availability was scare to selective retailers.

What was your best pick in Luisa Via Roma’s Givenchy collection?







































Luisa Via Roma $2,235 – BUY IT NOW














































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  • Andrew Ly

    What are you looking to buy/interested in from this collection Maurice?

    • Hi Andrew,

      All of the above of course!!! If only money was not an issue, but of course it is. I’ll most probably be getting the Givenchy Native Carpet Print T-Shirt (http://bit.ly/1Fwf2hQ) since I have some credits parked at a retailer which coiuldn’t get me the Givenchy Floral Gypsophila Print T-Shirt earlier from SS15.

      Other than that I am also looking at the Givenchy Monkey Print Sleeveless T-Shirt (http://bit.ly/1FweTLr), but i’m not convinced whether sleeveless will fit my style, so most probably will have to try it in store first to see how it turns out in person. Besides this I would love the Givenchy Skull Print T-Shirt (http://bit.ly/1LvnMKz) which I believe will scare most small children, not to forget the Givenchy Brown & Black Studded Swiss Sandals that accentuates a nice contrast. (http://bit.ly/1Lf9nEl)

      I can tell you some of the faster moving pieces, but i presume you would already know by now :)

      Regret for the late reply as i was away on holiday, and have limited access to the internet.

      • Andrew Ly

        No problem, saw your instagram, in Singapore huh!

        I have same thoughts as you, was looking at the Carpet print as well and the monkey print, however sleeveless but they seem to stand out in this collection.

        Flames print sweatshirt look very good, as well as the camo strip and stars t shirt.

        Any idea what’s this? https://instagram.com/p/4GsOTIwuSp/ It looks good.

        • I would forgo most of the pre-collections for this season, there seems to be some lost of substance. But the one attached that is uploaded by Brands Boutique Luxury is indeed quite unique. I’ve dealt with this guy before, he a reseller and does not own his own store. Major regret buying from him, he still has my money and have not been able to provide my order since March!

          Speaking of the monkey print, the rooster & monkey sleeveless is selling out even faster on Luisa Via Roma, I think we should consider getting it…


          • Andrew Ly

            Oh dear.. Sorry to hear, that sucks, but thanks for the thumbs up!

            That print is growing onto me more and more.. And there’s a short sleeve version!


            I feel there are still a few bits and pieces pieces that are not out yet hmm.. Like the monkey print sweater Riccardo wore.

          • Yes there is a short sleeve version, but I didn’t suggest this because it is less appealing compared to the sleeveless. If you compare both pieces, you will notice that the sleeveless motif has an extra wing on the right side which makes it different to the short sleeves tee. :)

  • K.L

    That destroyed Givenchy Paris sweater is great. I would be quite embarrassed
    if people asked me the price considering I’ve seen homeless
    men wear sweaters with less holes in. lol looks like it’s been through a
    warzone. I’ll definitely have to pick up the embroidered rottweiler tee though, noticed selfridges and browns fashion has it in stock.

    • Yes, definitely the Givenchy Destroyed Sweatshirt imposes a beat up looked that is why it is termed ‘destroyed’, and there is no doubt it will raise questions or even eyebrows. But despite this, both distressed and destroyed is finding common ground in contemporary fashion, it will be a great piece for those who would love to experiment with it.

      I just saw it in store a few days ago, the details are no less impressive. if you ever get a chance in a size that fits you, I would highly recommend you to purchase it immediately as these pieces sells out at a heartbeat.

      Regret for the late reply as i was away on holiday, and have limited access to the internet.

  • Rafa, Japan.

    My least favourite season so far.
    No hot shoes for me to purchase this season. Ugh!…

    • How could that be? There are some great shoes here, like the Rottweiler chain lace-ups and glittered band strapped shoes looks just as unique as the entire collection itself!



      • Rafa

        I can’t keep buying shoes with chains! people gonna think i have a fetish or something lol.
        And those glittery shoes omg…it’s a no no NOOO bc they got that idea from Mr Jimmy Choo!

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