Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Wishlist

5th December 2014

There are significant changes brought to Givenchy this coming 2015. With the all new Givenchy white label replacement from Pre-Spring 2015 menswear onwards, the first question arises is between the blurry lines that divides the women and men’s line. A complicated guessing game in spotting the difference, especially when it comes to the most sought after t-shirt and sweatshirt category as it poses new challenges for the consumer. Perhaps the brand has planned a flexible cross dress in the act of blurring the traditional aesthetic genders, since some of the consumers do generally purchase the opposite label. Take a look at the Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 Collection Sneak Peek.

Throughout its history, Givenchy has been recognised as one of the leading luxury designers that creates the most extravagant and valuable graphics infused with traditional tailoring efforts at a contemporary edge. Besides the back label conversion, a revolution took place in the upcoming Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear. Set to be release in global stores at the start of early till mid of April 2015 is the romantic gypsophila collection, a special floral effect encrusted with pearl embellishments and embroidery is an exclusive selection off the runway. These are generally very limited and are set at high premium prices due to the meticulous workmanship required to produce them, despite this there is no doubt that these lavish pieces will sell out to the spendthrifts within the coming weeks.

The future is here this week, Riccardo Tisci’s unprecedented approach on a profoundly new Givenchy menswear selection has arrived at Luisa Via Roma’s Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 and Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 pre-order collection. The largest luxury Italian multi-label retailer now carries a spectacular array of collection ranging from the most covet runway pieces, such as the three dimensional pearl embellished and embroidery Givenchy Black Floral Embroidered Neckline Columbian-Fit T-Shirt and the Givenchy Black Pearl Embellished Floral Print Shirt with opulence application encrusted pearl details throughout the fabric. However for those who are not willing to splurge a fortune in the experimental iteration of Tisci’s brainchild can also enjoy the standard print variables in a two dimensional setting that are available in an equally desirable Givenchy Black Floral Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt and Givenchy Black Floral Print Columbian-Fit Sweatshirt. Having said that, I am not quite fond with the white floral series as it doesn’t provide the sense of affluence as felt from the black floral series. Nonetheless, there are genuinely some very good pieces, these include the runway Givenchy White Floral Print Satin Bomber Jacket, Givenchy White Floral Print Contrast Band Shirt with strategic placement of black contrast panelling across the front, and Givenchy White Floral Contrast Panelled Print Shirt that doesn’t look too bad either with a heavier cluster of gypsophilas. What’s more, pairing these alluring pieces with matching Givenchy White Floral Print Contrast Band Canvas Pants or Givenchy White Floral Print Contrast Band Canvas Shorts are equally desirable and fetching.

One of the clear advantages in the latest Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection, is that it is not only limited towards the traditional use of grandiose prints, but there is a subtle refinement offered across a range that has a fast reset that recalled Riccardo Tisci’s first catwalk efforts. The development of the familiar and unfamiliar striped panelling code has taken its toll in the upcoming collection – a monochrome black and white geometric precision band panelled the expression incorporating the creative use of layering has evolved to a larger collection. What I would not miss out from this range is the Givenchy White Contrast Extended Band Shirt, it has a unique tail which may not appeal to most, but once you ensemble the entire look based on the designers ideology along with the Givenchy Black Contrast Band Wool Gabardine Skirt, cigarette trousers and the runway Givenchy Black Brogue Contrast Lace leather Combat Boots, a subtle affair of aspiration and silhouette elegance emerge. This is not a shortfall as perceived by the mass consumers, one of the clear advantages of opting these unique pieces, is that it promotes flexibility and timeliness for the one to experiment with a variety of style-making. These are generally regarded as the best regenerative pieces of the striped panelled code collection we have seen in a number of seasons. For those who are looking forward to obtain a Givenchy contemporary basics that will take on future seasons to come can place your best bets in investing on the striped panelled code series.

Accessories and footwear are a feast of choices, you can get the Givenchy floral gypsophila series in a variety of accessories, but by far the best is the Givenchy Black Floral Print Contrast Band Folded Leather Pouch, one of the clear advantages is that it adds a nice functional touch with the additional band strap over the traditional zippers. Besides this, what I love most from the black floral series footwear category is the new Givenchy Black Floral Print Tyson High-Top Sneaker, truthfully I have never find the Givenchy’s ‘Tyson’ high-top sneaker quite as attractive because of its energetic sportswear nature, leaving in no doubt to the commercial origins of Nike turned Givenchy. But the all new camouflage black floral gypsophila print over this sneaker presents a compelling case, compelling enough in fact for me to become a persistent admirer. If the all floral gypsophila does not weigh out to your expectation, there are abundance of eyeful substitutes to consider, such as the Givenchy Black Rubber Effect Backpack with its subtle matte housing and gold embellished accents, Givenchy Black Star & Stripes Patent Neoprene Backpack that returns to the initial codes, and even the Givenchy Palladio Chain Sandals has surprisingly returned this season, leaving collectors like me questioning what’s coming back next fall. Learn more about the Givenchy Palladio Chain Detail Black Leather Sandals for Pre-Spring 2014.

Ultimately with such a vast diverse range available, it’s all about how much fun one can have with such an innovative and repetitive approach, although there are many compromises to be made and acceptance yet to be fulfilled. I’ve also made a quick decision and have checkout earlier with the Givenchy Black Rottweiler Star-Appliqué Print Columbian-Fit T-Shirt that is currently selling out like hotcakes, will talk more about it when I receive the t-shirt. What are you waiting for? Shop now for Givenchy Pre-Spring 2015 or pre-order your Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 now at Luisa Via Roma while stocks last!

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