Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 Wishlist

20th June 2014
Extended underneath here is the new Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection that speaks for itself. And after more than three seasons since it was first debut and rechristened from former YSL, Hedi Slimane has turned the small conventional collection into a distinctive formula on it’s head. There is a lot to love in the latest Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014, and by far after exploring the Luisa Via Roma’s offering, this is the ideal collection to invest among the antecedent menswear that I will buy this season, but first let me show you around this collection.

For starters, there is the style-proof Saint Laurent Teddy Varsity Leather & Wool Bomber Jacket that has made a resurgence in a variety of colours, additionally you may even find an animal fur print to make it stand out from the crowd. These options has been personalised to meet most expectations, considering it’s first inception in Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2013, the Saint Laurent Teddy Varsity Jacket has prosperously triumphantly in the marketplace. Worn by countless renown celebrities in the universe, it is now one of the most desirable jackets available distinct from its deep contrast stripes and leather-detailing feature, pricing stays fair and relevant at an affordable $2,390. My picks from this season is to stay safe with the classic Saint Laurent Black Wool & White Leather Varsity Bomber Jacket, there is however a different burgundy colour which delivers a more luxuriant impression.

Prints on tops – shirts and t-shirts may not offer options as generously available at Givenchy. However a few selections will keep your choices simplified with guaranteed repetition wear. Let’s start talking about t-shirts, at a first glance there is a beautiful Saint Laurent Black & White Shifted Striped Cotton T-Shirt that features a sharp edged print revolutionized and deviated from the typical stripes, out of usual. But yet acceptable in a fact that it engages smart creativity in design, which is something I would definitely go for. On the other hand, if you would prefer something more dressy, there is the Saint Laurent Confetti Print Silk Shirt scattered with contrasting square shapes in random sizes and placements, makes the overall concept fun and appropriate for most statement occasions. 

At the infamous skinny-tight denim section, the categorical bottom-wear mix of Saint Laurent specialty, the long awaited Saint Laurent Leather & Denim Zipped Detail Biker Jeans made available for Fall Winter 2014 has finally returned to the shelves. I knew that this pair of biker denims will make a comeback after it’s successful sales turnover by the end of year 2013. This pair of particular denim mix leather biker is so popular that supply exceeded demand, it was limited and sold out in an instant at every corner of the globe. The resell value has topped more than 200% of it’s official retail price, landing it’s residual value of $2000 for a second hand in excellent condition! However, those without any luck during Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2013 menswear collection like me, can now stand a better chance in owning one from the Luisa Via Roma’s pre-order collection, the price to pay however has increased to $1,390 in this season from what it used to be $950 in 2013. Furthermore, the styling has been significantly improved to 15cm, unlike the predecessor model that has a larger hem, not to upset those who are looking forward for a wider leg-fit. Read more about the Saint Laurent Leather and Denim Biker Jeans Fall Winter 2013 here.

What about the Saint Laurent footwear collection you may ask? Designer shoes these days is known to be the essential pinnacle of successful style-making. If camel suede leather cuban heels is not your cup of tea or because masculinity in cultural dimensions forbids your inner exploration, this season’s concept in footwear is generally taken out from the old-timer’s punk wear. Featured in leather top cap-toe with intriguing cross woven detailing and single-style monkstrap – places the latest Saint Laurent 30mm Suede & Brushed Calf Creepers to look like every bit of inspiration replicated from the Mugler and Underground series. I can’t tell if this was a collaboration or if Hedi Slimane was deeply inspired from the two designer brands that you can hardly distinguish when compared with the Underground Apollo Smooth Leather Monk Shoes and crepe soles taken from the Mugler Double Monkstrap Leather Creepers. This chunky funky shoes has a large and thick crepe soles that makes the footwear design heavily distinctive on ground to compliment the dark skinny silhouette that you will find a comfortable style position in today’s male model’s dream. It will be interesting to see how you think about it.

Stay tune for the latest updates from the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear fashion show that will be held at the end of next weekend. Don’t forget to visit back for more Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 menswear news! See the Milan/Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 Schedule.

Luisa Via Roma $2,850 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,750 – BUY IT NOW

Click here to see much more of my Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 wishlist!

Luisa Via Roma $4,990 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,690 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,390 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $2,390 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $395 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $350 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,350 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $990 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $950 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,250 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $590 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $790 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,390 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $3,650 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,150 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,145 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,295 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,145 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $1,495 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $595 – BUY IT NOW

Luisa Via Roma $595 – BUY IT NOW


In Motion: Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 Menswear FW14

Shop New Collection: Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2014 Menswear – Luisa Via Roma

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  • Randeep

    I got my zipper jeans in size 30 FINALLY on Tuesday – from SLP OLd Bond Street – they are phenomenal !!!!!!! Stand out so much, and I thought my Balmain jeans were "out there". Easily my favourite jeans already.

    The 15.5 cm supposed cut seems similar, if not looser than the 16cm hem on my size 30 Balmain stretch-skinny jeans – perhaps because the SLP jeans use a thinner/raw denim?

    One thing to note, I kept TTS and didn't size up 1 contrary to any advice I've ever read anywhere re. these jeans. Already after one wear the waist has loosened up, and the knee panels are (ever so slightly) easier to walk in (actually – I just open the zippers up to be able to walk properly for the moment, haha).

    Now I just need the perfect givenchy top to go with it 😀

    Do you know if they are going to re-release the Bambi top in a jumper or t-shirt for AW14?

    • Congratulations on your latest purchased! Im in the midst of deciding whether to settle for a size 30 or 31, im also size 30 TTS but have grown a little since last year lol

      You should match it with a simple not, not a Givenchy printed t-shirt for sure. If you match it with a Givenchy printed t-shirt, it may look like you are trying too hard. Because this pair of jeans itself is distinctive enough to make a statement, it needs to be compliment with something simple and structured. Like this Saint Laurent Shifted Striped Print T-Shirt


      Im not sure about the Bambi, I dont think so at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    The belt and bracelet do not belong to 14 FW collection…

    • Yes, they dont but it is still relevant to compliment my current wishlist. :)

  • Randeep

    True, I will have a look next week what's on offer. I'm considering getting the SLP three passant faded (not chromed/shiny) belt from SS14 – it's the only belt I can think that will just 'match' with my grey balmain jeans.

    Also to note, I'm so glad I held out for this 15.5cm cut instead of paying over the odds for the old 16.5 cut on eBay etc – the 15.5 isn't as dramatically drain-like as the size would have you suggest.

    I would recommend getting the 30 if you can squeeze into it. I tried the 30 on and could hardly button it up in the store, but after just one day of wear the waist has already stretched out.

    • Thanks, im looking forward to get my first pair of SLPs this season. Will try size 30 like you've mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice would you recommend getting the zipper biker denim jeans new ($1430usd) from the fall/winter 2013 or wait and get the zipper biker denim jeans for fall/winter 2014??

    is there any major difference? i know there should be a length difference but i can just get my tailor to change it but anything else?


    • I would of course recommend the new Fall Winter 2014 leather and biker denim jeans.


      There is a few difference beside the length, the latest model has a much skinny cut compare to the older Fall Winter 2013. You can see the difference at the calfs and legs hem. I would choose the skinnier one as you can't tailor the width of this pair of jeans.

  • Anonymous

    hi maurice, i usually fit into size 31 for the saint laurent jeans (31 for the wax denim saint laurents jeans). would u stick with the same size for the denim zipper jeans or go one size up, since i'm gonna order from luis online.

    also, my friend says that a designer store recently restocked some saint laurent biker denim jeans, would you say these are the fall/winter 2013 ones. i don't think the 2014 fall/winter biker ones are out yet right?

    • Stick to your own size as they will stretch after a wear.


      They are likely repeated from FW13 if it is not showcased at the FW14 runway.

  • Anonymous

    maurice so is it possible the fall winter 2014 leather and biker denim jean is out already in stores (saint laurent store) / online now? or the stores / websites are still using 2013 one.

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice is this leopard shirt for this season , i can't seem to find it on their website?


  • Julian

    Where can I get the SL Denim & Leather Jeans in bigger sizes?? I can't find it :/


    Im a size 32/33 in Balmain – I think I need a size 34 in these??

    • You need size 33, they will stretch.

      I just bought mine.

    • Julian

      But where can I get them?? I can't find my size … I need a Boutique or Onlinestore located in Europe!

    • Please contact Boombayeh, I bought mine from him. You have to be fast, these sells out real quick.

  • Anonymous

    hey maurice what size should i go with the new saint laurent tshirt


    i'm a usual medium in balmain and burberry? i emailed luis and they told me to go one size bigger so large?

  • Anonymous

    Can I ask what jeans is the guy wearing with the red checked shirt? Is it the same as the destroyed skinny jeans or no?

    Thank you.

    • Its not in my wishlist, they have it in washed blue too and it is currently sold out in Luisa Via Roma. If not mistaken, the price was $590.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,

    May I know where can i get my hands on the SLP destroyed knee hole jeans?


    • Currently sold out at Luisa Via Roma

    • Anonymous

      That's fast.. Do you have any idea when will they make a restock for it?

    • I highly doubt so :(

    • Anonymous

      Wasted man. What about boombayeh? Any chance of him selling this pair of jeans?

    • Send me an email to ask.drblogspot@gmail.com

    • Anonymous

      Aite. Sent!

    • Anonymous

      I have alrdy sent you an email. Did you received it? If yes, please reply asap. Thanks

    • Replied

  • Anonymous

    Getting really tempted by a duffle coat. Black or Camel? Go TTS or up one? Seems on Luisaviaroma, they went up 1 size to a 50 for their model.

    • Black of course


      Take one size up if you have broad shoulders. But I recommend it anyway.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you prefer the black? Camel looks pretty unique and can see more details… but the black is also beautiful. So hard to decide!!! Ahhhh!

    • I wear more blacks, so far havent bought any coats in camel. But they will look better with blue jeans

  • Anonymous

    Hi maurice,
    Any idea where can i get the SLP ripped knee jeans?

    • Sold out my friend, unless you would wish to consider the destroyed denim jeans which in my own opinion is far better than the knee ripped.


      Let me know what are your thoughts, they fit TTS.

    • Anonymous

      What about the ripped knee jeans? Do they fit TTS also?

    • Yes they are, you can find it here now.


      Sorry for the late reply, I was away for a long holiday again.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no I've gotten size 29 from Barneys NY. I thought it was sold out everywhere so I didn't hesitate and just buy it. Will it be too big if I'm a size 28 TTS.

    • it may be a bit big on the waist, like 1-2cm bigger. But will fit you for sure if you dont mind.

    • Anonymous

      Do you know if I can alter the length of the jeans? Is it recommended? As it runs a lil bit long for me.

    • Yes you can alter, I do not recommend as it will affect it's residual value. Then again this is up to you to decide, after all it is your jeans.

    • Anonymous

      Then what do you suggest that I should do? Bcoz I dont want it to look so baggy..

    • Shorten it then

    • Anonymous

      by shorten you mean to go alter it?

    • Yes, but I dont recommend. Otherwise you may want to fold them? :/

    • Anonymous

      Maybe i will try folding it. Did you had the same problem with your biker jeans? I think this is the downside of being short :/

    • Yes they are a bit longer than usual. But it didnt bother me much.

  • Anonymous

    The destroyed denim doesn't really caught my eye. Anyw, does the ripped knee hole TTS? Or must i go a size down?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maurice,

    How does the ripped knee jeans fits? TTS?

    • Hi there

      Yes, its TTS. Reply as above

  • Anonymous

    Greetings Maurice,

    Are you wearing a SLP belt on your instagram's second latest photo? If yes, where can I find that belt.

    Thank u

    • The multi-loop belt is actually from Balmain Fall Winter 2010, they no longer make it. However, Saint Laurent made a similar copy with less loops.

      You can find it here at MR PORTER


      Or Farfetch


    • Anonymous

      I'm contemplating if i should get this SLP belt or should i spend more on a Hermes belt. What are your thought about both of this belt?

    • The Hermes H belt has been bought to death by those luxury attention seekers who would like to display their wealth by obvious means.

      If you like luxury designer street wear that we talk about here, than the SLP is by all means the most basic necessity accessory to own, and rest assure that you will wear this a lot more than the Hermes.

      The Hermes belt is more for the guy that wants to display his wealth, generally if your style is a nice polo top from Ermenegildo Zegna, some super smooth wool trousers from Brioni and fine shoes from Berluti, then a Hermes H buckle with patent croc leather would be ideally beautiful in pairing with these.

      When I was in Melbourne two weeks ago, I saw this Hermes belt with a side chain, it didnt had the H buckle, just a classic loop buckle. It was very nice, but the price was well over $2,200, which is just ridiculous. But if you can afford it, then why not?

    • Anonymous

      If you have that amount of money, would you go for the Hermes belt or would you rather get something else?
      I just need your honest opinions. Many thanks.

    • if i had money, I would just buy all the Balmain menswear collection. I wouldn't be wearing Hermes.

      Then again, this is just my personal preference.