Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 Wishlist

18th December 2014

The new Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear might just look like another skinny teddy boy mix of retro rock archetype, but in actual fact it is very different and that’s because the designer has turned his vision towards one of the most profound movements in America culture, encompassing a sartorial diversification of characters in the 1970s from hippies, folk music, rock, surf culture, and the war veterans. It is an intensive historical menswear collection classified by the range of events that has influence the future anticipation for this coming Spring Summer 2015.

There are two things that immediately hit you when you first observe the collection. One is the pinpointing style of 70s psych rockers and second is the toughened-up mystic bohemianism. If the thought of that fills you with nightmares about self-representation anxiety in our modern society and the apprehensive acceptance of thereminiscent past, then the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 collection is not meant for you. If so, you should move along and read about my Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 wishlist or the more futuristic Balmain Spring Summer 2015 wishlist that will probably appeal to your modern tastebuds.

What truly speaks from the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear is the immense luxury of craftsmanship and the authenticity of Hedi Slimane’s creations. At Saint Laurent it’s all about embracing the youth culture in Los Angeles not French elegance, it is not surprising to see that the designer has taken yet another goodlook into the America’s richest culture, after all this is his language for the current future of menswear. There are many noteworthy pieces in the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear collection to be enjoyed that outweighs its wearability limitation, as majority would agree that the initial reaction was that the collection was a bit too costume alike.

To begin with, let’s consider how desirable the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear can be rather than how practical you can wear it.Considering if you were a Saint Laurent fanatic, you would probably acknowledge the designer’s stylish contour creations that gives it a distinctive presence. A few key pieces that you should watch and pay close attention to isthe Saint Laurent Bordeaux Starburst Velvet Teddy Jacket, this notably teddy jacketstays at the top of my current wishlist as it features a handful of timeless hand-sewn embellishments and sequins setting in rich burgundy velvet with gold lurex ribbed collar and cuffs that makes it the ultimate luxury ‘future classic’ piece to own. This teddy jacket may just be that piece fashion historians will reference for years to come, for those we has the extra cash to splurge a fortune over the latest Saint Laurent collection must not missed out on this. On of the most iconic denim jeans from this season is theSaint Laurent 15cm Navajo Metal Embellished Lace-Up Detail Denim Jeans, this pair of skinny denims celebrates the Indian Western tradition by integrating a strung of bolo tie inspired neckwear that is often associated with the culture. In detail it is a piece of braided cord lacedacross the entire leg that secures the decorativemetal Navajo ornaments, this unique feature previously unseengive it good reasons to be a real head turner for Spring Summer 2015. What I would really want in this season is nothing too much but a good old fashioned camouflage shirt, and the Saint Laurent Khaki & Green Camouflage Print Western Shirt that is now available at SSENSEseems to have fulfill my desirability, this particular camouflage print shirt is unlike anything I have came across in the past, although camouflage may have seemed to be the quintessential print for 2014, even designers from Valentino to Givenchy for Pre-Spring 2014 does not offer the same distinct presence as the new Saint Laurent does. There is a certain charm in those khaki, green, and blacks and the shape of the camo that has made this shirt a true classic piece to be owned.

While on the other hand, there are a number of pieces that seems really dated and old fashioned in my own opinion which I am not too confident that they will make a positive statement in reality. These are deemed more ‘costumey’ than high-end runway fashion, pieces such as the Saint Laurent Fringed Camouflage Print Jacket that is arriving soon at Matches Fashion is perhaps presumably more of an badly cut oversize shirt than an outwear, this so called military precision craft piece has a prominent gold fringing on the front chest and the rear back, not to exclude further gold embroidered on epaulettes and cuffs, only a true bohemian could pull off this archaic. Besides this, there is the Saint Laurent Metallic Striped Lamé Blazer which made the first collection released in December 2014, frankly speaking it looks like what a circus ringmaster would wear although its initial design pays homage to the 1970s rock stars, this double-button shimmering lamé with metallic silver and red stripes print may look like the ultimate head turner, however I find it difficult to disagree that it will probably attracts the wrong kind of attention one would be expecting. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the designer offers a series of striped linen blankets made into a Saint Laurent Striped Western Poncho, this oversize drape piece features studded adornments and tassels in the highest form of craftsmanship, probably one of the least desirable pieces found in the latest collection. These are hardly stuff dreams are made of, well not my dreams anyway.

But all in all, the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 menswear offers a refreshingly experience and no doubt with its diversified collection and will sell well to existing clients, as you may notice by now that most of the sizes has already been sold out! Based on its wealthy offering in a slowly growing class of consumers who appreciates American youth culture, craftsmanship evident in details, and authenticity of the past, will find the new Saint Laurent 2015 menswear a good place to invest. Shop the Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2015 pre-order collection now at Luisa Via Roma or checkout the latest Saint Laurent arrivals now available at SSENSE.


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  • Anonymous

    thanks for updates
    i love those articles.
    i wish i have enough money for buying jeans bombers and shoes…

    • Shoes are still quite reasonably priced, bombers are very expensive. I can't imagine paying for that price too unless im earning 5 figures a month.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, how do you care for your expensive clothing? Tees and shirts, hand washed, folded/hanged?

    • Yes, only hand wash or professionally dry cleaned.

  • Anonymous

    the collection is a joke who wants to look like Zoro

    • Anonymous

      lol heavy Zoro 😉

    • Unfortunately it isnt the type of beauty and craftsmanship you could see and appreciate from a distance.

  • Anonymous

    oh yes, it is a collection for those who want to look like Zorro :)

    These prices are crazy. Is Zorro is so rich to buy it?

    • Don't worry, there are many buyers are there who will splurge their credit cards over this collection… as you can see now most of the sizes are almost sold out.

  • Anonymous

    There were only 2 pieces per size.

    Givenchy now a collection of some items too, so is (only 2 piece on size) but still available :)

    Apparently, customers who want to look like Zorro is more :)

    Two pieces of the size of the store as worldwide as luisaviaroma is very little …. so sure why he sold.

    • Yes, these days there are a lot of Indiana Jones and Zorros in the fashion scene. It's quite a powerful look, but unfortunately it hardly reflects the nature of luxury.I only like the biker / rocker looks from Saint Laurent, but it is getting lesser by the season.

      About the Givenchy, are you referring to the application / embroidered series?